I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


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  Trigram colors
  1 qian-heaven
  2 kun-earth
  3 li-fire
  4 kan-water
  5 xun-wind
  6 zhen-thunder
  7 gen-mountain
  8 dui-lake


  From GUI to GUA: the origin of the hexagrams?
  From GUI to GUA: the search for information
  The TaiJi symbol
  The meaning of Yi in Yi Jing (I in I Ching)
  Ancient texts from excavations
  Shaman: oracle, consulting, heaven and earth, and the YI-sacrifice
  Omen terms: good/bad fortune, the mandate, the right time
  Several other characters in the yijing, like great man, junzi, dao etc.
  Loan characters - or the poetry of a nation
  Yuan-Heng-Li-Zhen (sublime success, furthering through perseverance)
  Tuan, the judgment
  Divination and repentance: the upper and lower trigrams
  'Maybe' on turtle carapaces (the character qi)
  Hex. 1 The six dragons
  Hex.3/3 The noble one knows the seeds
  Hex. 5 The raindance
  Hex. 10 Do ghosts leave footprints
  Hex. 27 and the magic turtle
  Hex.28 the old man and old woman
  Hex.28/3,4 Ridgepoles and rocks
  Hex. 29 and patterns
  Hex. 31-32 Completing and fixing the omen
  Hex. 35 Many arrows in the quiver
  Hex. 36/2 The horses of King Mu
  Hex.38/5 His ancestor bites through skin
  Hex 39 COME like the wheat and GO like the king
  Hex 40 line 5, the mind of a noble one
  Hex.41 Non-decrease
  Hex.43 Raise your staff
  Hex. 45, 59, 55 and 37.5 The king and the temple
  Hex.54 The maiden
  Hex.57 When your number comes up
  Hex.59 Chance and danger: crisis
  Hex.61 Zhong Central
  Hex. 61/1 Tigers and snakes
  Hex.61 From captives to support of the spirits

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UNEARTHED ancient oracle-texts

Structures of hexagrams and lines

  All hexagram-pairs
  Relations between hexagrams
  King Wen's sequence
  Multiple moving lines
  Yao Ying, line mirrors: lines which belong together
  MingTang temple: the Bagua as lay-out map
  The Big Pattern (Boering): the Bagua as lay-out map
  The Bagua as lay-out map(Boering): the stations
  Nuclear hexagrams


  Old Oracles
  Sabian Symbols
  Yarrow divination


  Origin of the dragon
  The center
  About chance
  About shifters and shamans
  Hexagram Yimages
  Dao, the axis of the world
  About me
  How an oracle might be born
  Science is changing. Can magic find a place in it? (Bono-Taggart)


  The moon and the name of the YiJing
  Small stories about the birth of an oracle
  The big bang
  Dao (Tao) and Chan (Zen)
  How to begin
  Yi is a she!

Hexagram stories by Anton Heyboer

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