I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Origins of characters and ancient stories

  From GUI to GUA: the origin of the hexagrams?

  From GUI to GUA: the search for information

  The TaiJi symbol

  The meaning of Yi in Yi Jing (I Ching)

  Ancient texts from excavations (Mawangdui, Wangjiatai)

  Shaman: oracle, consulting, heaven and earth, and the YI-sacrifice

  Omen terms: good/bad fortune, the mandate, the right time

  Several other characters in the yijing, like great man, junzi, dao etc.

  Yuan-Heng-Li-Zhen (sublime success, furthering through perseverance)

  Divination and repentance: the upper and lower trigrams

  'Maybe' on turtle carapaces (the character qi)

  Hex. 1 The six dragons

  Hex. 3/3 The noble one knows the seeds

  Hex. 5 The raindance

  Hex. 10 Do ghosts leave footprints

  Hex. 27 and the magic turtle

  Hex. 29 and patterns

  Hex. 31-32. Completing and fixing the omen

  Hex. 35 Many arrows in the quiver

  Hex. 36, line 2 The horses of King Mu

  Hex. 39 COME like the wheat and GO like the king

  Hex. 59 Chance and danger: crisis (the characters wei and jī)

  Hex. 45, 59, 55 and 37.5 The king and the temple

  Hex. 61 Zhong Central

  Hex. 61, line 1 Tigers and snakes

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