I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


the gua poem or judgment
or "to expel evil spirits"


  Tuan, the judgment of the hexagrams, is a picture of a boar. It is also part of the name of hex.33, withdrawing. In 33 the pig has to do with sacrificing. When one withdraws, one sacrifices all those nice things of the world 'out there'. But one also gets rid of everything which keeps one from being oneself.
  The old oracle bone character does look like a pig - with some imagination. But for those who have experience with pigs, it does show one. Screaming, wriggling, big ears, and the one at right with many tits or nipples.

The judgment is not just a description of the workings of a hexagram, it is the incantation which belongs to the moment of a hexagram. When you want to solve a situation like hex.47, you need a different invocation than in a situation like hex.11. A different 'hex'.
Tuan yuē 彖曰: the judgement says.

  11: Mount Tai: small proceeds, great comes up. Auspicious. Expansion.
  47: Confined, expansion - determination. Great people auspicious. No fault. Words are not believed.

In hex.11 an expectation of better times coming along. No further specific advice.
In hex.47 advice to divine and to act on what the spirits tell you, and to look for great people, and also a warning that words will not be believed.


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