How it all came about

      Many many years ago, I fell in love with the I Ching. That was the one Wilhelm translated, and although there are many words and sentences I think should be translated different, I still love that translation very much. Legge is good, and many others are, but I don't think any of them would have triggered that feeling of love and understanding.
     Later, there were other translations who could have done the job, like Whincup’s, but in those years I lived very secluded, I did not know of any other I Chings. What I came across though, by the way of astrology, were the Sabian Symbols. I devised a way of combining them with the I Ching-lines, and that worked fine. I could find a meaning now for many lines that were incomprehensible before.

     In 1993, I finally could buy more books, and the first one was Ritsema and Karcher’s word-by-word translation. Well – that was a real Big Bang, my first one. I suddenly realized that it was possible for a layman to translate Chinese. And what I found was a huge garden of beauty, a garden to play in day after day, and never be bored. It not only made the I Ching clear, but the Chinese characters themselves are a treasury of insight and beauty and poetry.
     I can use the old book now any moment, and I am never puzzled by what it says. It awakens my intuition every time I need it. Its wisdom is becoming part of myself and I know the discoveries will be inexhaustible. Every time I find more insight. The world created by that first Big Bang will expand the rest of my life.

     Then came another Big Bang. A year ago, I got a computer. I started to make my findings transferable. Writing them down, and explaining what was obvious to myself, but not for others (mainly because it was a mess of pieces of paper). And finally making them look beautiful. Well, it is a never-ending job, this new universe is also expanding and expanding and expanding and…

     If I can manage to add one hexagram and translate one “saying of the master” every week, then maybe this site will be complete after 1 or 1½ years. But if it continues the way it does now, there will be new possibilities announcing themselves from time to time. So I guess I will be site-making for many years to come.

I love doing it! I hope others will love it too.  

A fortune-telling book - or a book of wisdom - or a device to make your intuition audible?

     The I Ching is all of these things. The fortune-telling appeals least to me, but that is for everybody different. What I like most, is the book of wisdom that answers at the moment you need it.
     Usually you encounter a piece of wisdom that hits you, and then after a longer or shorter time there is suddenly a situation where it helps you. But the Yi helps at the moment itself. How? No idea, and I am not going to find out. Because I think that not-knowing is one of the reasons.
     If you want your intuition to speak, you have to silence your rational thinking. And the best way is something absolutely irrational. I know someone who goes outside and looks at the movement of the clouds when he has to make an important decision. He is a clever and rational businessman, but he found a way they already used in stone-age.