I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

  In hexagram 3 line 3 is the character ji, which can be translated as "seed", the very first beginning of something, when it is not yet really visible.   Read more
  The ancestor can be a leader, grandfather, a person of authority in a family, anyone who exercises some control. Husband (this is China long ago, feel free to change it to wife, if that fits better).   Read more
  Shuogua: For putting all things in motion there is nothing more vehement than thunder; for scattering them there is nothing more effective than wind. Read more
  The character at left is usually translated as truth. But there is also another meaning: "support of the spirits, things will go as planned, support of allies".

  Loan characters make Chinese complicated. Sometimes a character cannot be used because it happens to be the emperor's name. But what is the reason all the other times? Read more

Hex.28/3,4 "Ridgepoles and rocks"

July 30, 2019

  In hexagram 28 there is this character: the ridgepole. In the fanyao of line 3 one finds a masonry-lined well and in the one of line 4 a stone. Read more

Publishing despairs

August 6 2019

  Well - not publishing any despair, but getting despaired about publishing. When I made the Shenshu oracle, I sent it to a Dutch POD-publisher. They helped me fix a few small things and wallah! Or if you prefer voilà! A gorgeous book!
  I also wanted it available in the US, because ordering from Europe means high shipping costs. But from there on things started to get complicated. Everything which couild go wrong, did so. Everything I sent in, got refused. Read more

  I am not talking about the simple way how many people ask the oracle:
"Does he love me?" (yes or no??)
  But about understanding the mysteries. Not only out there, but also in here, in your soul. Read more

The alchemy of trigrams

September 3 2019

  "The lower trigram is a source of power or force, it's the 'engine' or the 'horse'. The upper trigram guides that power or force, it's the 'steering wheel' or the 'rider'."
  What I find interesting about this way of looking at hexagrams is that every hexagram becomes a kind of alchemist recipe ... Read more

  When you cast the lines, you build up a hexagram, consisting of two trigrams. When one or more lines are 'old', there is also a relating hexagram with its trigrams.
  Every trigram represents part of your question/answer. Every part of it can be found in them: the base or core, the advice, the situation, the need, the energy. Read more
  The judgment of 43 in Wilhelm's translation:
  Break through. One must resolutely make the matter known at the court of the king.
  A more literal translation: Breakthrough raise at king's court. This sounds as if Guai is an object. But the 'court' also has more meanings than just court. Read more
歸 妹
  Nobody wants to get hexagram 54. The poor maiden who has to adapt to things which have nothing to do with her own wishes. They are wrong!
  The character Tuan, the 'judgment' of the hexagrams, is a picture of a pig, which is also part of the name of hex.33. Tuan is an invocation to the spirits or gods.
  Every hexagram has its own incantation, which belongs to the specific 'time' of the hexagram. Read more

Hexagram 61. Zhong, center

October 15 2019

  Zhong, center, is part of the name of hexagram 61. In the Yijing there are 14 places where it occurs. Two refer to the sun in the center of heaven: noon. There is also 'moving central' or 'hit target''.
Not decrease increase it

  In the second and the top line of hexagram 41 it says 弗損益之 "not decrease increase it". How does that work?

Hexagram 29 and patterns

Date: 2016-something

  The great images says:
   君子 noble one
   以 use
   常德 constant virtue
   行 move, perform
   習 exercise, habit, expertise in a certain field, repeat.
   教事 teach events
  The character is the one above: XI, repeat: a pair of wings (= to fly), and sun (or day).
  The name of hex.29 is Xi Kan: repeated pit. Kan is pit, but also a rhythmic sound like drumming, kankan.

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