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When father or neighbor are not, or will not do, what you want...

March 16, 2024
(This one is just what it is - no link to a longer story)
  There are two instances where you have this problem. Hex.18.5: Stem-father's decay. Use praise.
  It's what many people learn about authority figures. But it works fine with a lot of other people. Even small children respond positively to this kind of influence. Make them proud and relaxed and they will open their minds.
Hex.11.4: Fluttering, fluttering, not rich in one’s neighbor. Do not admonish but use sincerity.
This is a completely different way to steer people in the direction you want. Arouse their interest. Tell them about your plans, or show them how kind or competent you are, or what the benefit is if they join your plan.

"The colors of trigrams"

(Posted on the website October 11, 2020)

  In the trigrams the 'different' line decides the gender. One or three yang is male or yang, one or three yin is female or yin. There are six primary colors: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta.
  Technically, these are the six primary chromatic colors. There are also the two achromatic colors of black and white - so altogether there are a total of 8 primary colors in the “color octave”.
  The universe has a language: frequencies. Everything has them. For us the main frequency of a beautiful day is soothing, a thunderstorm has a low and disturbing one, which reaches very far.
Trigram Thunder is low, Lake is high, Water and Fire are in between. The single line defines the color. Three lines yang is 'no color' or all colors, either white light (Heaven) or black earth.

When Trigram Water changes into Wind

Water    Wind

Yin-yang, yang-yang and yin-yin
2023 August

  When trigram water changes into trigram wind, only the top line changes.
  In a trigram change, the second trigram goes after or below the first, especially if you write them like they did in China, top to bottom on narrow bamboo slips.
  The first (upper) trigram is "Hui": regret, but also 'consulting'. It is the situation and why you ask about it.
  The second (lower) trigram is what your intention and/or fate bring about. It is called ‘zhen’, oracle-answer (in Wilhelm ‘perseverance’). Read more
  Mount Tai dominates the fields of the Zhou. Everyone who ever lived close to a mountain, even a small child, knows it means 'home'.
  The mountain is the symbol of your home. It is yours, even when it is not perfect. The mountain's solid eminence proves it will be there forever. Read more

Unchanging hexagrams
(and intuition!)

Dec. 18, 2020


  Unchanging hexagrams are confusing to many people. Is it good or bad? Is there something I can do or is this a total standstill? Should I be concerned or relieved?
  It depends on the question, but usually it is not really bad, often even a good thing. Looking at the question and figuring out how to react needs intuition... And then it got even more interesting.  Read more

Etymology, fact and fiction

Oct.23 2020
Lots of fiction among laymen, but maybe just as well among sinologists

  Someone who attended Harmen's course told me that Harmen mentioned my name as one of the people who 'erroneously' assume that the sound of a Chinese character has something to do with the meaning.
  I know that many (most?) sinologists agree that the sound is not related to the meaning, it is 'only the phonetic'. It makes me wonder - how can Chinese, when they talk, understand each other when the sounds they utter have no meaning?   Read more

The energy of the day of the moon

Day 160 of the Chinese year: 6th moon, day 10.


  Today, Wednesday July 15 2020, is the 10th day of the 6th moon in the Chinese almanac, day 160 of the year. If you have the beautiful book of Deng Ming-Dao, "The Lunar Tao", you can find the 'color' of this day: 'The blade leads the breath".
  Or you can find it in the Shenshu, poem 160. Both talk about strength. One about wielding a sword, the other about tackling a large work. Both emphasize that strength needs a special way of managing energy. Or find the hexagram: 12! 12...?  Read more
  For all life on earth, it is paramount that the seasons follow their pattern. Any deviation can be disastrous, so the seasons need to be re-aligned if they stray.  Read more
  The "Tiger Change" and "Leopard Change" are special ways to change things. Usually it doesn't mean to change oneself, but to change things 'like a tiger'.  Read more
需于血  出自穴
  In almost all translations, this sentence is rendered as if one has to get out of that cave or hole. The Chinese text has no demand. It just puts two small sentences in sequence, like in ALL other lines of hexagram 5.  Read more
  The mare belongs to the earth and nature. She symbolizes that space, strength and fertilty. She fills the earth with new creatures, every year adding one or two foals to the herd.
  The image is a very old version of the character 'ma', horse.   Read more
  Jiěyí, freedom of the jaws: smiling or laughing.
  Jiě is the name of hex.40, Yí is the name of hex.27. When you get 40/5,6 - 27, you get Jiěyí...  Read more

Hex. and trigram 51, the plow of Thunder


ploughZhen is written as 雨 ‘rain’ over 辰 chén. Chen is a time marker, and it is a picture of a plough or ard.  

Hex.63-64, the voyage of the Sun


FireHex.63, trigram Fire, the sun, below trigram Water. It is the end of the day. The sun crossed heaven and now she is on the horizon, sinking into the primeval ocean.
ThunderHex.64, trigram Water below trigram Fire. It is dawn, the sun is low on the horizon and the first rays appear, a new day is on its way. A moment of no results yet but lots of possibilities.  Read more
  Have you ever wondered about 27.1, about where to find that magic turtle back which so often runs away?
  It is right there in hex.27, hiding in the top line.  Read more

Hex.28 lines 2 and 5: "Old man, old woman"

Dec. 18 2019

venerable man
  In hexagram 28 there are an old man and an old woman. Actually 'venerable', nothing derogatory here. When the man gets a wife, great. When the woman gets a husband, no blame no praise. Why this difference?  Read more

Hex.41 second and top line: "non-decrease"

November 3 2019

Not decrease increase it

  In the second and the top line of hexagram 41 it says 弗損益之 "not decrease increase it". How does that work?  Read more

Hexagram 61, Zhong, center

October 15 2019

  Zhong, center, is part of the name of hexagram 61. In the Yijing there are 14 places where it occurs. Two refer to the sun in the center of heaven: noon. There is also 'moving central' or 'hit target'.   Read more
  The character Tuan, the 'judgment' of the hexagrams, is a picture of a pig or boar, which is also part of the name of hex.33. Tuan is an invocation to the spirits or gods.
  Every hexagram has its own incantation, which belongs to the specific 'time' of the hexagram. Read more
歸 妹
  Nobody wants to get hexagram 54. The poor maiden who has to adapt to things which have nothing to do with her own wishes. They are wrong!  Read more

Hexagram 43, "Raise your staff"

September 28 2019

  The judgment of 43 in Wilhelm's translation:
  Break through. One must resolutely make the matter known at the court of the king.
  A more literal translation: Breakthrough raise at king's court. This sounds as if Guai is an object. But the 'court' also has more meanings than just court. Read more

  When you cast the lines, you build up a hexagram, consisting of two trigrams. When one or more lines are 'old', there is also a relating hexagram with its trigrams.
  Every trigram represents part of your question/answer. Every part of it can be found in them: the base or core, the advice, the situation, the need, the energy. Read more

The alchemy of trigrams

September 3 2019

  Martin: "The lower trigram is a source of power or force, it's the 'engine' or the 'horse'. The upper trigram guides that power or force, it's the 'steering wheel' or the 'rider'."
  What I find interesting about this way of looking at hexagrams is that every hexagram becomes a kind of alchemist recipe ... Read more

  I am not talking about the simple way many people ask the oracle:
"Does he love me?" (yes or no??)
  But about understanding the mysteries. Not only out there, but also in here, in your soul.  Read more

Publishing despairs

August 6 2019

  Well - not publishing any despair, but getting despaired about publishing. When I made the Shenshu oracle, I sent it to a Dutch POD-publisher. They helped me fix a few small things and wallah! Or if you prefer voilà! A gorgeous book!
  I also wanted it available in the US, because ordering from Europe means high shipping costs. But from there on things started to get complicated. Everything which couild go wrong, did so. Everything I sent in, got refused. Read more

Hex.28/3,4 "Ridgepoles and rocks"

July 30, 2019

  In hexagram 28 there is this character: the ridgepole. In the fanyao of line 3 one finds a masonry-lined well and in the one of line 4 a stone. Read more

  Loan characters make Chinese complicated. Sometimes a character cannot be used because it happens to be the emperor's name. But what is the reason all the other times? Read more

From captives to support of the spirits

in hexagram 61 and many other places.

July 10, 2019

  The character at left is usually translated as truth. But there is also another meaning: "support of the spirits, things will go as planned, support of allies".  Read more
  Shuogua: For putting all things in motion there is nothing more vehement than thunder; for scattering them there is nothing more effective than wind. Read more

Hex.38.5 "His ancestor bites through skin"

June 28, 2019

  The ancestor can be a leader, grandfather, a person of authority in a family, husband, anyone who exercises some control. This is China long ago, feel free to change husband to wife, if that fits better).   Read more

Hex.3.3 "The noble one knows the seeds"

Nov. 25, 2018

  In hexagram 3 line 3 is the character ji, which can be translated as "seed", the very first beginning of something, when it is not yet really visible.   Read more

Hexagram 29 and patterns

Date: 2016-something

  The great images says:
   君子 noble one
   以 use
   常德 constant virtue
   行 move, perform
   習 exercise, habit, expertise in a certain field, repeat.
   教事 teach events
  The character is the one above: XI, repeat: a pair of wings (= to fly), and sun (or day).
  The name of hex.29 is Xi Kan: repeated pit. Kan is pit, but also the deep place where all things are shaped, and it is a rhythmic sound like drumming, kankan.  Read more

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