I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Qián Heaven

Ideogram: banners + dawn
attribute: Heaven

trigram Heaven

 Top and right side: banners. Bottom left: dawn, the sun just above the horizon and (maybe) vapors or breath.

 To create, creative power, life-energy. Heaven, father, male, sovereign; lasting, continuous. (Pronounced gan: dry, dried, clean).

Qián: cosmic order and powerful perseverance

God (Di) battles in the sign of Qián"
"The Creative brings about rulership
(Lynn: by Qián things are provided with a sovereign)"

  Qián is creativity, pure yang, energy, light, generation and regeneration, purity, spirit and transcendence. It is the home of gods and the origin of all things. It acts through the law of time, it directs all movement in universe, it sets the time and range of the planet's orbits, it causes day and night, summer and winter. But it is pure idea, never reality. It needs the earth to turn its ideas into substance.
  Heaven's animal is the dragon, its size is undefined. It lives in the galaxies as the Sign of the Dragon and follows the huge clockhand of the Big Dipper. It is the timing of the seasons, days and all things. It enters the eggs of the turtle and makes the newborn baby-turtles all hatch simultaneously and dash for the sea. It lives on mountains and in the depth of the waters.

"Heaven and earth determine the direction (Lynn: establish positions)."

  Without Heaven's big clockwork, which gives the earth sun, rain and seasons, we would die. If we attune to Heaven and its timing, we find our strength and our dao. Fate is Heaven's will.
  If we move according to Heaven's will, along the lines it carves outfor us, we can change our future. Never opposing it, but accepting it, cooperating and using its strength to find the small openings towards our own destiny, the one which matches our heart.

"The Creative is strong."

  The order of Heaven is extremely powerful. This law cannot be separated from virtue or principle, it is highest integrity.
  It will act always and everywhere, it is highest vigor and persistence. Heaven's animal is the strong dragon, which is a mythical animal.

"The Creative manifests itself in the head."

  We can locate ourselves on earth, find our direction on sea, plant and reap, predict the weather because our mind is related to Heaven.
  We measure time by Heaven. Together with Heaven we create, faith in our visions is Heaven's work, Heaven helps who helps himself.

"The Creative is heaven, therefore it is called the father"

  Heaven is the most active force in universe, Earth is the most receptive field in universe.
Together they make everything come into being.

Heaven, 'owing to its own strength never ceases'.

  Heaven is pure urge, direction, law. It does not need anything from outside. Heaven has no substance, so it can never be depleted.

Inner and outer trigram

When Heaven is INNER (lower) trigram it brings an inner strength and order to everything which is expressed through the outer trigram.

  In 1 the powerful order of Heaven (A noble one owing to his own strength never ceases)
  In 11 the generous space of Earth (The ruler fashions and completes the Tao of Heaven and Earth. He supports mutually with Heaven and Earth their order. He stands by the commoners)
  In 34 the energy of Thunder (The noble one will not tread a path without ritual)
  In 9 the influence of Wind (The noble one cultivates the pattern of virtue).
  In 5 the reshaping power of Water (The noble one drinks and eats and reposes relaxed)
  In 14 the clarity of Fire (The noble one by terminating evil raises good, by yielding to Heaven relaxes in fate).
  In 26 the individualityof Mountain (The noble one knows many former words and deeds and proceedings, in order to accumulate his virtue)
  In 43 the social ethics of Lake (The noble one gives a salary to those below, he stays in virtue and so aloof)

  When Heaven is OUTER (upper) trigram it turns the workings of the inner trigram into a powerful reality, undeviating from its way.

  In 1 the powerful order of Heaven (A noble one owing to his own strength never ceases)
  In 12 the generous space of Earth (The noble one holds back his virtue and avoids disaster. He does not allow honor by an official salary)
  In 25 the energy of Thunder (The ancient kings made use of lush growth in accordance with the seasons to nurture the myriad beings)
  In 44 the influence of Wind(The prince carries out his mandate, proclaiming it to the four regions)
  In 6 the reshaping power of Water (The noble one, when he sets up affairs, plans ahead)
  In 13 the clarity of Fire (The noble one classifies the clans and reads the trails of creatures)
  In 33 the individuality of Mountain (The noble one distances himself from small people, without dislike and yet stern)
  In 10 the social ethics of Lake (The noble one discriminates between high and low. He gives the ambitions of the people the suitable position)

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