I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 01

Qián, the commandcenter

trigram Heaven
Trigram Heaven

Gua Poem (the invocation):
Eminent - expansion
Harvest - divination

The great image says: Qian moves: firmness. A noble one owing to his own strength never ceases.

Hex.1 is complementary to hex.2 The ideas, laws and stuctures of Heaven can become reality in Earth.

  Qian: the ideogram and the story (NEW). What does it mean for your question?

  All lines: A flight of dragons appears without a head. Auspicious
There is a very strong leader or someone with a big ambition. It may be you, or someone you follow. Is your strength great enough to fulfill this task? If not, then adapt to the circumstances and don’t regret your lack of power. Yang needs yin and yin needs yang. You are the one to make sure the plan is okay. If it isn't, then work on that before you even think of building. See 'contrasts'.
 (hex.1's contrast is 2 Field)

  Top 9: Overbearing dragon. There is regret.
Trigram Heaven turns into Lake. In the realm of the spirit, one can only follow obediently the universal laws. What deviates from them is always wrong. If man tries to lead according to his own human laws, he shuts the door on universe, and life will fail.
 (hex.1's 43 Breakthrough Make your intentions clear)  Mirror

  9 at 5: Flying dragon in heaven. Fruitful to see a great man.
Trigram Heaven turns into Fire. When the creative spirit becomes visible, it influences everyone who has a spark of it. One's own thoughts and behavior and everybody who is able to see. Associate with valuable people, who are able to give or receive value.
 (hex.1's 14 Great possessing A leader inspires, does not force)   Mirror

  9 at 4: Somehow capering over the abyss. Without fault.
Trigram Heaven turns into Wind. Fearlessness can accomplish miracles. As soon as a stuntman feels fear, he is in danger. Fearlessness is the core of the hero. Hex.9.4 tells you to forget yourself (and any fear) for the sake of your responsibilities. Hex.1.4 is about what fearlessness accomplishes.
 (hex.1's 9 Cultivating the small Responsibility overrules fear)   Mirror

  9 at 3: The noble one is the whole day creative creative. In the evening he is alert for danger. Without fault.
Trigram Heaven turns into Lake. Go ahead if Dao goes ahead, turn back if Dao turns back. Stay in tune with the universe, nobody can ever go another way than Dao and still keep his strength and good fortune.
 (hex.1's 10 Treading Obeying the laws of abilities and situation)   Mirror

  9 at 2: The dragon appears in the field. Fruitful to see great people.
Trigram Heaven turns into Fire. Whatever one shows or does or even thinks should be genuinely and truly himself. Only oneself appearing is shining. Associate with people of value, good and bad are both contagious.
 (hex.1's 13 Family of man Relations depend on merit)   Mirror

  Initial 9: Submerged dragon. No employ.
Trigram Heaven turns into Wind. Not acting is not enough when it is not the time for acting; the mind has to be without acting. Every action needs rest like seeds need winter. Only then one can react to season, time, Dao and start with action at the right moment. The most important part of any action is knowing when the time says not to act.
 (hex.1's 44 Encounter refraining from what should not be done)   Mirror

  No lines changing: you can try to do things but they will not yield results. This is a good time for exploring ideas, for plans or for defining a blueprint. Or to relax because there is nothing which needs to (or can) be done.

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