I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Guà Jìng - Yáo Ying

Hexagram Reflections - Line Mirrors
(line pathways)

Mirror 01.1-01.6-43.6-44.1

Mirror group 01.1-44.1-01.6-43.6

About obeying the laws of universe.

  A Mirror group consists of the line you cast plus its fanyao. But every line has its 'upside-down' counterpart in the paired hexagram, its Qianyao. Hex.1 upside down is still hex.1, but the moving line is now at the top: line 6. (More about qianyao)
So each complete mirror group has two fanyao-pairs.

  1.1 Hidden dragon. Do not act.
  Not doing anything when it is not (yet) the right time.


  44.1 Attached to a metal chock. Determination auspicious. To proceed probing sees a pitfall. An entangled pig will surely limp.
  Refraining from what should not be done.

Lines 44.1 and 1.1 are each other's fanyao
(what is a fanyao?)
Trigram Heaven in hex.1 changes to trigram Wind in hex.44. In hex.1 the laws of Heaven are (or should be) part of one's mind, actions, timing. In 44, with trigram Wind, they are what one knows one should do, or learn to do, or maybe teach others.

  1.1 Act acording to the demands of the time, or timing. When acting is too early, then simply stay put. But - seen from the other side, 44.1 - if there is any urge to move anyway, then retain it securely.

  1.6 Arrogant dragon will have cause to repent.
  Don't force others. Know your place.


  43.6 No cry. In the end misfortune.

 Make your intentions clear and if necessary involve others.

Lines 1.6 and 43.6 are each other's fanyao.
Trigram Heaven in hex.1 changes to trigram Lake in hex.43
In hex.1 the laws of Heaven are (or should be) part of one's mind, actions, timing. In 4

Mirror groupings 1.1 and 2.1 are contrasts
  Opposite, contrasting or complementary: all yang lines in the mirror-group 1.1 are yin lines in mirror-group 2.1 and vv.

  This Mirror group 01.1 is about living by the right codes or laws for actions.
Mirror group 02.1 is about living from out your own true base for actions and mind.
  Both: actions are good when their laws and foundations are right.

Qian yao

The fanyao shows what to do or not to do.
The qianyao shows that things should be in balance.


How I found the Mirrors and how they work


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