I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The image of hexagram 1
Qián, pure yang

Trigram Heaven

Trigram Heaven
  Hexagram 1 has trigram Qián, Heaven, below or inside, trigram Qián above or outside. Qián is the trigram of pure yang. Yang has no substance, it is 'idea' or law. The structure which keeps everything intact and working and lends all things and creatures balance, beauty and strength.

What does it mean, 'inner' and 'outer'?

When trigram Qián is below (popup)
When trigram Qián is above (popup)

  The trigrams: Qián both inside and outside. This is a time of imagining and making plans before you draw the blueprints and start building. It is also about finding the right timing. Don't start too early or too late. Don't let your motivation slide away though, the right time might come, or you might just need more time to improve your ideas.

two old ideograms of qián
  The old diviners gave this combination of trigrams a name: Qián. It is not a common character anymore in daily use. Its meaning is now only what it means in the Yijing. Pure yang, male, father, the first, heaven (sky is a different character).

  The ideogram is an image of a banner, fluttering in the rising sun. Below left is the sun above the horizon, on top and at right the banner. Probably an oxtail or something similar waving from the top of a pole or a high tree trunk in the center of the city or next to the tent of the general. Bottom right in the left character is 乙, a small water stream, with the meaning 'swirling'. An older version of 乾, without 乙, is gàn, stem, trunk, to do.Qian
     Qián indicates the command center or center of authority. The waving banner tells the soldiers their leader is present, and where to look for his commands. The 'trunk' indicates strength.
  When pronounced gān it means 'dry'.

  The Image says: Qián moves: firmness. The noble one owing to his strength never ceases.

  Hex.1 is the contrast of hex.2, which is about practical reality. The laws of Heaven are 'behind' everything practical, they give life its structure. Heaven regulates the time.
  Listening to it gives you the right timing, so your life, your body, your mind and your surroundings will be in accord with Heaven's laws.
  Heaven's animal is the dragon. The dragon constellation moves around the North pole. It follows the huge clockhand of the Big Dipper, which indicates the seasons.

the banner in hex.1 (the command center) and a similar one in hex.56
without the ornament on top (itinerant troops)

  In the early morning the rays of the sun touch the trees and plants, still wet from the night. They evaporate, as if they breathe. As if spirits with faint rainbow colors are dancing around the trunks of the trees.
  The mists travel down along the slopes, toward the valley, where they collect and cover everything. But not for long, when the sunlight reaches down, they disappear.
  Every morning the light wakes up the earth, brings it back to life. Every new day is a new creation. Heaven reaches down to the earth, and the earth responds, brings forth, makes life.

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