I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 14

Dá Yŏu, great assets


trigram Fire
trigram Heaven

Gua Poem:
Great assets. Eminent - expansion

The great image says:
Fire high in Heaven: great assets. 
The noble one by terminating evil
raises good, 
by yielding to Heaven
relaxes in fate.

  Dá Yŏu: the ideogram and the story (NEW). What does it mean for your question?

  This hexagram is complementary to hex.8. Hexagram 8 is about achieving together, 14 is the success of the individual. Don't neglect the other side when you concentrate on one of the two, they need each other. Without 14 hex.8 loses its motivation, without 8 hex.14 has no base.

  Top 9: From out Heaven blessed. Auspicious. Nothing that does not bear fruit.
Spiritual talents decide your value - not worldly accomplishments. They cause intangible blessing, spiritual blessing. Man's real rank in life is according to his spirit.
(hex.14's 34)  Mirror

  6 at 5: His truth is then associating, then awesome (impressive). Auspicious.
A strong character is authorative when that is necessary, but just as easy he can be nice and sympathizing. For both one needs strength, and even more so for changing at the right moment.
(hex.14's 1)   Mirror

  9 at 4: Not at all sounding one's drum. Avoid faults.
Every time one brags about a force, that force loses part of its genuine, natural power. It goes to your mind and leaves your soul, and by doing so it becomes limited. The mind is like a demanding boss for it, believing in matter and facts, the soul is like a nurturing mother, trusting heaven.
(hex.14's 26)   Mirror

  9 at 3: A Gong sacrifices to the Son of Heaven. Small people are not able to.
Give in a way that accords with your ability to give. Too much and too little are both wrong. But make your gift warm and sincere, don’t use it for showing how great you are yourself. It is not the gift, which matters, it is the mind of the giver. A great mind gives a worthy sacrifice, a small mind cannot give, no matter how much he presents.
(hex.14's 38)   Mirror

  9 at 2: A great chariot for loading. Proceed probing. No fault.
Use and show your talents in a way that fits with you, and according to reality. Please don't underestimate yourself! Then you can accomplish good and great things and they will be seen. Making too much noise creates destruction and disbelief.
(hex.14's 30)   Mirror

  Initial 9: Avoid intercourse with harm. Without fault. A difficult principle, no fault.
In a time of great possession, material or mental, it is easy to forget carefulness. Avoid trouble and don't become the problem yourself. It may be tempting to meddle in affairs, but weigh whether your efforts make progress or problems.
(hex.14's 50)  Mirror

  No lines changing: you can try to do things, but they may fail or even backfire. If there's nothing that should (or can) be done, then this might be a good time to relax and refuel. The Poem and the Image are guides that show you the best way to do that.

  Trigrams offer possibilities that the hexagram-texts don't show.

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