I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 09

Xiăo Chù, cultivating the small

Xiăo Chù

Trigram Wind

Gua Poem:
Small livestock, expansion. Shrouding clouds, no rain from our Western fields.

The great image says: : Wind moves high in heaven, small cultivation. The noble one cultivates the pattern of virtue.


Xiăo Chù: the ideogram and the story. What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.16.

  Top line: Already rain, already dealing with it. Thanks to the virtue contained. Housewife determination: danger. The moon is almost full. The noble one rectifying: pitfall
Life does what it does: open your mind, listen well and move with it. Never too fixed on anything. And even if you are sure you know, even then don’t force anyone or anything.
 (hex.9 its 5 Wait, need Embrace what comes your way)

  Line 5: Tied by sincerity. Rich through one’s neighbor.
Make friends with people when things go well, then they will be your friends when times are tough. Sincerity and trustworthiness, compassion, generosity and loyalty are your tools to give structure to your life and its surroundings.
 (hex.9 its 26 Cultivating the Great Without small selfishness)

  Line 4: Being sincere, blood goes away, fear goes out. Without fault.
Small matters and worries, fears, ties, frustrations, they are forgotten when you deal with inspiration, an ideal, or responsibility. Now you are no longer following personal wishes, but higher aims, and then fear disappears.
 (hex.9 its 1 Timing Creativity needs fearlessness)

  Line 3: The cart loses an axle pad. Husband and wife turn away their eyes.
Reactions are telltale of the spirit in the house. If they are a bit wrong in small mishaps, they will be disastrous in big ones. When something goes wrong, don't blame or run, but help to solve it.
 (hex.9 its 61 Inner truth Everyone reacts to his/her own truth)

  Line 2: Led by a cord to return, auspicious.
When running a small farm (or anything that can be symbolized by that image) it is good to be reminded convincingly of the things one should do. Inspect things, look for faults, talk with your people, think about the work.
 (hex.9 its 37 Family of man Keep to your responsibility.

  Initial line: Return to one’s own way. How could that be faulty? Auspicious.
Go your own road. When you stray off, then go back again. Sometimes it will be difficult, people expecting you to act in a certain way, or you are insecure or convinced another way is better. Being and doing what you essentially are, can never be wrong.
 (hex.9 its 57 Influence Earnest about advance and retreat)

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