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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Unchanging hexagrams
(and intuition!)

Dec. 18, 2020


  My own experience is that an unchanging hexagram can be positive or negative. It can be impossible to do anything, or unnecessary because things are in balance. So seeing it as 'always' either positive or negative seems not to work.

  A few days ago I got hex.11 when I asked about something I lost. It must be in this house, but since this is like a labyrinth, it might be anywhere. I got 11 and stopped searching. It felt like a shrug - "useless to search, it will never be found", or "no need to search, it will show up one day all by itself". So I looked at 11 and decided to stop worrying or feeling regret, it is the way it is. The unchanging hexagram does tell you a lot about how to deal with it, but not that much about how to get what you want.

  The opposite, all lines changing, can be like a huge challenge, something so much out of balance that it will take a lot of effort to do it, or it may be totally impossible.

  Unchanging means most of all that there is no imbalance. Sometimes that feels like a standstill which is frustrating, other times as a relief, because there is no need to do anything. I must admit that I like unchanging a lot more than all lines changing.

  I think the question you asked is the key to 'feel' if it is a good or bad thing. Usually, the bad is not a big bad, just a frustrating one. So the good/bad balance is mostly towards the good side.  

  This is my own idea about unchanging, others may think very differently. Many people like clear black-white answers, but real life doesn't do that either, usually. One has to find one's way in life by choosing, guessing, and often just stumbling around and hoping for the best.

  The Yi is very much like life because every question has its base in that uncertain life. With a good intuition one gets better chances, and the Yi is a great help with that.

  Then I looked up 'intuition' in Chinese. WOW, this is interesting!

  Intuition: Zhíjué.

  Zhí: an eye with a straight line: straight, directly.
Jué: two hands around 爻 (yáo) lines in the symbols of the Yì Jīng, over 冖 something like a cover. One uncovers the truth by grasping the 爻 changes: feel, become aware, discover.

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