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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Jiā Rén

Trigram Wind
trigram Fire

Hexagram 37

Jiā Rén, Family of man

Gua Poem: Family members. Fruitful: woman's divination.

The great image says: Wind emerges from fire: family. The noble one has substance in words and perseverance in actions.

  Jiā Rén: the ideogram and the story (NEW) What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.40.

Top 9: Having truth, impressing thus. In the end auspicious.
Be true, with your common traits and all: maybe you need them too. If you live up to a good cause, a spiritual ideal or perfectionism, you will never accomplish much. But if you mix the good with some down-to-earth common sense, then you succeed. A good family raises its children to high morale, but also to a healthy fighting spirit.
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9 at 5: The king serves the family. Do not worry. Auspicious.
Acknowledge your own clan. A family is a little kingdom when the members are tied together by pride and belief in their community. When a family has a ‘ruler’ who places herself in its service, then it can withstand hard times and its members have a safe home.
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6 at 4: A rich family. Great auspiciousness.
One strong dependable person can be the base of a big family. A family needs a foundation, everyone who contributes to that is worth his weight in gold. The family will survive through hard times, the children will grow up to strong individuals, the members will all feel safe and at home. All these different people need a common base to stand on.
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9 at 3: The family people scold with severity. There is regret and discipline. Auspicious. Women and children giggle-giggle. Ends in distress.
When people trust each other, hard words will be no problem. They can be said when necessary, and dealt with in an easy manner. Laughter holds up the heaviest loads, as expression of freedom and life. Respect is a matter of what functions with ease and health. Not too rigid from fear, but with wisdom and joy.
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6 at 2: Nothing to pursue. In the center offering food. Divination auspicious.
Do not seek what does not belong to you. Do what the moment asks, even if it is small. Simply filling in one's place seems little but it is one of the pillars of life. But always remember: your duty is you and your people. Do not adapt to what does not agree with who you are.
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Initial 9: To barricade one's home. Regrets disappear.
A home and a place where you belong create in your heart also a home and place where you belong. Whatever happens, you will never be lost in a big hostile world. Only with trust in yourself you can trust others (and others can trust you), because trust grows in a safe heart.
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  No lines changing: you can try to do things, but they may fail or even backfire. If there's nothing that should (or can) be done, then this might be a good time to relax and refuel. The Poem and the Image are guides that show you the best way to do that.

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