I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Trigram Wind
trigram Water

Hexagram 59

Huàn, the Flood

Gua Poem:
Dispersion, expansion. The king serves the temple. Fruitful to cross the great river. Fruitful to divine.

The great image says: Winds blowing over the waters: flood. The ancient kings presented offerings to the Lord and established temples.

  Huàn: the ideogram and the story (NEW) What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.55.

Top 9: Dispersing one's blood. Departing, being far, going away, no fault.
Let go of fears, preconceptions, expectations. Give everything the space to be what it is, don't make yourself part of it, changing it to your own size and ideas. Things happen - so let them happen. Fears and rules make them more difficult than they need to be.
(Changes to hex.29)  Mirror

9 at 5: Imperial edicts, great cries. Flooding the king's residence, no fault.
Don't try to tackle something too big. Take care of your life and needs according to your own ethics. Very often the rest will follow. Trying to answer to something else, which lies beyond your immediate understanding, will seldom bring any solution. Your own simple, direct view is often the clearest one.
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6 at 4: Disperse one's group, great auspiciousness. Dispersion finds accumulation. Common people would never think of this.
When a group (or your inner goup of ideas) has no strict rules or borders, no dogmas, it is open for many people and for creativity. Trust others to take responsibility themselves, and reckon with their way of thinking, then existing contacts will improve, and many new contacts are made possible.
(Changes to hex.6)   Mirror

6 at 3: Disperse oneself, no regret.
Do not get hooked to what you represent, that is the wrong way of believing in yourself, because it is believing through other's eyes. Let your self-image go. Only then can you follow your heart and live your true life, because you are free.
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9 at 2: Dispersion, grabbing one's tools. End of regret.
One can immediately recognize and grasp chances if the mind is versatile, open for anything. One sees what one expects to see, so expect everything in order not to miss anything. In a chaos you have to rely on your survival instincts, your 'luck', your own wits or skills. Don't forget that times of change are times of chances.
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Initial 6: Benefit of the force of a gelded horse. Auspicious.
Much better than solving problems once they happen is dissolving them before they get a chance to happen. Stay within the scope of your abilities, moving beyond your natural space or allowing things to be bigger than you actually can handle is the main reason for things to go wrong.
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