I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Dà Zhuàng

trigram Thunder

Hexagram 34

Dà Zhuàng, A man of stone

Gua Poem:
Great vigor. Fruitful to divine.

The great image says: Thunder up in Heaven: great vigor. The noble one will not tread a path without propriety.

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  This hexagram is complementary to hex.20.

Top 6: The he-goat butts a fence. Not able to retreat, not able to push through. No ground for fruitfulness. Hardship is as a rule auspicious.
One needs difficulties in order to gather experience. Learning the hard way is usually the one which makes most impression. One has to measure one’s strength, control one's courage or self-will, judge a position. Hardship is necessary to build up character.
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6 at 5: Losing sheep at Yi. Without regret.
Not everything can be prevented. Sometimes something is at the wrong moment at the wrong spot. Don’t fuss too much over it, one cannot bring life to perfection. Sometimes one has to take risks, other times one has to accept. Strength is when losing something does not make one lose one's fortitude.
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9 at 4: Divination auspicious. Regrets disappear. The fence breaks open, no entanglement. The vigor of a big cart's axle.
Sparingly used power brings the greatest results. Forcing a matter will mess up things and waste forces. Use whatever possibility presents itself, use levers, pull strings, get a hammer instead of using your fist. There are many ways of making a big power from a little force.
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9 at 3: Small people use vigor. The noble man uses nets. Divination: danger. The he-goat butts a hedge, entangles his horns.
To acquire or accomplish something, one has to make all the preparations and then take a strategic position. No further action is necessary if one casts one’s net in the right way and the right place. The sage wishes only what comes swimming in his net.
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9 at 2: Divination auspicious.
If one has power inside, one has no need of proving it. Having power is not a matter of exerting it, but of being it. The strength to make your own mind true and positive in all circumstances is a greater power than having power over someone or something else.
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Initial 9: Vigor in the toes. A rectifying expedition: pitfall. Have truth.
Doing things right is man-made and like all human structures it has the inherent danger of getting out of control. Some aspects are uncontrollable, others so much controlled that they will run wild some day. Be true to yourself and others, then your strength will be exactly right, never too much, too impulsive, too rigid or too restricted.
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