I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 23

Bo, Stripping

Gua Poem:
Stripping. No harvest proceeding probing.

The judgment says: The mountain is attached to the earth, Stripping. The high ones make their house peaceful by generosity to the low ones.

  Bo: the ideogram and the story (NEW). What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.43.

  Top line: The big fruit is not eaten. The noble one acquires a sedan chair, the small man strips the hut.
  When everything is destroyed, it is the end for a small mind. A great spirit sees an opening for something new, unexpected. There is always the untouched fruit: that faith or inspiration or creativity which brings about new life, or maybe just something to tide you over to the next phase.  
Relating hexagram: hex.2   Mirror

  Line 5: A string of fish. Favor through the palace people. Nothing that does not bear fruit.
  Do not expect others to recognize your crude self as valuable. It feels kind of humiliating, that you have to show something, instead of just being good enough yourself. But if you can let go of pride, and find your pride in your own heart, the string of fish will also bring good luck to you. Then the fishes are offered as a sacrifice to ones higher authority as well.
  Relating hexagram: hex.20)  Mirror

  Line 4: Stripping the rest(ingplace) by superficiality. Pitfall.
Living restless, without depth or meaning, life is insignificant and one is prone to irreversible mistakes and faults, and even destruction. Search beyond the outer skin for only there the heart's rest can be found.
(Changes to hex.35)

  Line 3: Stripping it. Without fault.
To be yourself, living your own life, making your own decisions, you have to break away from all those people (inside or outside) who tell you how to live. Or even without saying anything, expect you to live according to their views. Even if you choose an absurd life - so what? It is your life.
(Changes to hex.52)  Mirror

  Line 2: Stripping the rest(ingplace) by discerning. Disregard the determination: pitfall.
Use your knowledge and experience to detect when things are not right, and then get rid of them. Just letting things be may seem easier, but you have to be severe. You are the one who has to shape your life, no one else, and keeping it clean or cleaning it up is essential.
(Changes to hex.4)  Mirror

  Initial line: Stripping the rest(ingplace) through realism. Disregard the determination: pitfall.
  Keep your eyes open for the reality of life. Dreams, expectations and love may make it worthwhile, but when one loses sight on reality, life might hit so hard that it may be the end of all dreams. Mind: this is about the reality of life - personal ideas of logic and justice have little to do with life.
(Changes to hex.27)  Mirror

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