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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 21

Shì Kē, Biting through

Shì Kē

trigram Fire
trigram Thunder

Gua Poem: Biting through, expansion. Harvest: benefit of lawsuit.

The great image says: Thunder and lightning: Biting through. The ancient kings made the penalties clear and enforced the law.

  Shì Kē: the ideogram and the story. What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary (contrast) to hex.48.

  Top line: Wherefore a cangue extinguishing the ears? Pitfall.
One hears what one expects to hear and does not hear or see reality. It is tunnel thinking. Do not enter the tunnels of common opinion (or your own dead-end one) - rather leave them by thinking further ahead and expecting the uncommon. Perk up those ears!
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  Line 5: Biting dried-out meat. Achieving gold. Determination danger. No fault.
When one makes the root of difficulties visible or conscious, one creates the possibility to do something about it. There is a natural resistance against doing this, because it means change, which is usually hazardous. But it also means your life will improve.
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  Line 4: Biting dried-out meat with a bone. Achieving a metal arrow head. Fruitful: a difficulties' determination. Auspicious.
Only when one goes to the bottom of things, one finds the causes of trouble. Nobody likes to go there, finding problems which are difficult to solve. But it is the only way to make things work right. It will earn you praise.
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  Line 3: Biting cured meat, encountering poison. Small distress. Without fault.
Enjoy things but not in a mindless way. Maybe everything is fine, but if you’re too gullible, nice times can turn into dark ones. A little precaution or attention can avoid big disasters.
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  Line 2: Biting skin, extinguishing the nose. Without fault.
Some things don't need scrutiny. Indulge yourself in them, enjoy and move on. Or maybe they teach you a little lesson. Avoiding everything will stop both learning and fun. Small godsends or mistakes teach you how to deal with bigger ones. But: be very careful with every idea you share with others. They might resent, even if - or especially - when you're totally right.
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  Bottom line: Shoes are foot-fetters, keeping the toes in check. Without fault.
Prevailing views prohibit your own way of moving. Find your own ideas, however crazy. It is the only way to lead your own life and to find all the creativity and happiness life can yield.
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