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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The image of hexagram 05
Xū, waiting or needing

Trigram Water

Trigram Heaven

  Hexagram 05 has trigram Heaven below or inside, Water above or outside. Water is undefined, nothing has a form, nothing is certain. But Heaven has its laws, they will happen, but they cannot be forced. You have to wait until Heaven decides.

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  Heaven below Water: plans and ideals are the heart of the situation - or in your own heart, but outwardly you cannot make or distinguish much of a form. You will have to wait until Water picks it up and knows it is time to let something happen. Water usually finds a way, so be like the shaman and dance for it, or whatever you feel like. Or wait until an opening appears.


  The old diviners gave this combination of trigrams a name: Xū. It has the following meanings: need, require, demand; expenses, provisions, necessaries; hesitation, delay, tarry, wait, waiting with confidence, waiting for rain to begin, waiting for something one needs; essential.

  Ideogram of the hexagram name: at the top 'rain' and below a dancing figure. Or like the character at right: a profusely sweating dancing person. The story of the dancing Wu.

  The 'Great Image' says: Clouds rise up to heaven: Needing a change in the weather. The noble one drinks and eats and reposes relaxed.

  Hex.5 is the contrast of 35, the hexagram of opportunist action. Being able to turn any chance into a success.
  Hex.5 is about the patience to wait until the right time, and the ability to turn waiting into a living part of life instead of wasted time. Or to be wise about what you need: not to chase after it but letting it come on its own terms. You don't know when it will happen. You have to wait attentively but wide open, silent - or you will miss it.‛

  Creativity is not obedient. One cannot call for it and expect it to be there. But waiting in an open and quiet way makes the clouds clear up, and the sun of growth appear again.
  Many things come by waiting, rather than by acting. As if one opens a cosmic door for them to enter. One’s own attitude is the door, if one waits in the right feeling, one acts at the right time. But there is also something inexplicable, which makes things happen without any conscious action taking place.

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