I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Trigram Qián above

Qián, Heaven

  Qián's image is the sunrise: the ceaseless succession of days, seasons, years. Its meaning in a reading has to do with time and everything related to it, but usually its strength and perseverance are emphasized.

  The outer trigram tells you about the other, or the situation around the querent, the world, the goal.
  The inner trigram represents you, the querent, or 'here' or 'now' or the person or situation or plan the question applies to.
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  With Qián, Heaven, below: hex 01.
  The 'Great Image' says: Qian moves: firmness. The noble one owing to his own strength never ceases.


  With Kūn, Earth, below: hex 12.
  The 'Great Image' says: Heaven and Earth do not interact: obstruction. The noble one holds back his virtue and avoids disaster. He does not allow honor by an official salary.


  With Zhèn, Shock, below: hex 25.
  The 'Great Image' says: Repeated thunder: shocks. The noble one, through anxiousness and fear, sets in order and examines.


  With Xún, Wind, below: hex 44.
  The 'Great Image' says: Everywhere under Heaven there is Wind: the heir. The prince carries out his mandate, proclaiming it to the four regions.


  With Kăn, Water, below: hex.06
  The 'Great Image' says: Heaven associating with water is incompatible movement: contention. The noble one, when he sets up affairs, plans ahead.


  With Lí, Fire, below: hex.13
  The 'Great Image' says: Heaven associating with fire: union of people. The noble one classifies the clans and reads the trails of creatures.


  With Gèn Mountain, below: hex.33
  The 'Great Image' says: The world has mountains: withdraw. The noble one distances himself from small people, without dislike and yet stern.


  With Duì, Marsh, below: hex.10
  The 'Great Image' says: The noble one discriminates between high and low. He gives the ambitions of the people the suitable position.


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