I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Trigram Lake
trigram Water

Hexagram 47

Kún, Enclosed tree

Gua Poem:
Confined. The sacrifice has been accepted - divination for mature people auspicious. No fault. There are insincere words.

The great image says: A marsh without water: confined.  A noble one incurs fate on fulfilling his aspiration.

  Kún: the ideogram and the story (NEW) What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.22.

Top 6: Tied to creepers and vines, to unsteadiness and anxiousness. Says moving causes regret. Repent it. Effectuate that things be set right: auspicious.
Every ability comes from out the mind. If the mind says you cannot, then you can not. So exercise your mind, rather than your hands. When you stop believing in obstacles, the mind removes its shackles, and only then your movements can be free.
(Changes to hex.6)  Mirror

9 at 5: Nose cutting, foot cutting. Confined by Red Sashes. Then gently there is escape. Make use of offerings.
Your spirit needs freedom. Without it even your own body, which needs your guidance, will stop listening. When frustration or oppression cannot be stopped, then find a gentle way out, any way. Lake (social) changes to Thunder, the shock of life.
(Changes to hex.40)  Mirror

9 at 4: Coming gently, gently. Confined in a golden chariot. Distress ends.
When the mind is not free from fears, wishes, fixed ideas or other obstructions, then it is dragging. A free mind finds the right choice, decision or action without much effort. So make it free, hand all your ideas over to the gods, and start living. But if you cannot, then do your best - you will also reach your goal, with hard work and later, but an honest effort will get its reward too.
(Changes to hex.29)  Mirror

6 at 3: Tied to stone. Relies on star-thistle and amaranth. Enters his house, sees not his wife. Pitfall.
Never let feelings be conditioned by what 'ought' or is 'good' or is admired by others. Conditioning is one of the worst prisons, it needs not even walls. Let your own feelings speak and listen well. Follow only what they acknowledge as worthwhile.
(Changes to hex.28)  Mirror

9 at 2: Confined with food and drink. A seal with scarlet string comes. Make use of an offering. A rectifying expedition will be a pitfall, avoid faults.
Life can be good and yet one feels beset. No passion, no recognition. When the possibility to make a mark comes, then accept it with caution and deference. Don't run with it but stay sincere and make it work.
(Changes to hex.45)  Mirror

Initial 6: The buttocks tied to a tree trunk. He enters a secluded valley. For three years he does not encounter anyone.
If being alone bothers you, then do something about it. Get rid of fears or any stick up your xx. Talk, make friends or find others who share your ideas, or find someone who can show you a way out.
(Changes to hex.58)  Mirror

  No lines changing: you can try to do things, but they may fail or even backfire. If there's nothing that should (or can) be done, then this might be a good time to relax and refuel. The Poem and the Image are guides that show you the best way to do that.

  The Trigrams offer possibilities that the hexagram-texts don't show.

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