I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 46

Shēng, ascending step by step, fixing the units.

trigram Earth
Trigram Wind

Gua Poem:
Ascend, Eminent expansion. Benefit of seeing the great man. Do not worry. To set things right in the South: auspicious.

The image says: Earth center gives birth to wood: ascending. The noble one, with devoted character, accumulates small things to become tall and big.

  Shēng: the ideogram and the story (NEW) What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.25.

  Top 6: Ascent in the dark. Benefit from unceasing divinations.
Living and working according to the right time and measure of things requires a spirit which is attuned to the heavens. 'Thinking' of what you have or want to do makes the work hard. When they are part of your life, it is as if they happen all by themselves. Nothing and nobody around you can force you.
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  6 at 5: The divination is auspicious. Ascend the stairs.
Proceed inch by inch, without skipping steps, then you will attain a lasting result. You will have it in control, the spirits assist, and it will be strong enough to exist by itself. The reason for its strength is, that every step comes out of your own soul, you are what you do. No one can ever stop this.
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  6 at 4: The king avails of an offering at Mount Qi. Auspicious. Without fault.
Find the right moment, the right place, the right resources. Without this preparation actions will be weak and without direction. If you cooperate with the timing of universe, universe and the spirits will assist.
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  9 at 3: Ascending to the hill temple.
It is not always necessary to go all the way to the summit or to get every detail perfect. A smaller sacrifice, or a more modest goal, or being less severe with yourself can work fine, as long as your dedication is honest. See Harmen about this hexagram.
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  9 at 2: There is sincerity. Then offering a Yue-sacrifice brings benefit. Without fault.
To make your plans successful, the best way is to inspire others - or reward others for theirs. When there is integrity no big promises or gifts are necessary. Everyone helps according to his own talents, everyone adds another ingredient for achieving the goal.
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  Initial 6: Appropriate ascending. Greatly auspicious.
If you believe in your destination, and maybe even find others who do, setbacks will always be followed by new progress. As if it cannot be stopped, it has to go on. Doubt will cause you to stumble over your own feet. So make the borders of your mind as wide as you can, and better still: make yourself free of any limits.
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  No lines changing: you can try to do things, but they may fail or even backfire. If there's nothing that should (or can) be done, then this might be a good time to relax and refuel. The Poem and the Image are guides that show you the best way to do that.

  The Trigrams offer possibilities that the hexagram-texts don't show.

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