I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


trigram Water
trigram Mountain

Hexagram 39

Jiăn, blocking - limping

Gua Poem:
Obstruction. Fruitful: South and West. Not fruitful: North and East. Harvest: to see great people. Determination auspicious

The great image says: There is water on top of the mountain: limping. The noble one reverses his being to cultivate virtue.

  Jiăn: the ideogram and the story (NEW). What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.38.

  Top 6: To proceed: limping. To come: mastery. Auspicious. Fruitful to see great people. 
Always improve. Improve your life, others, things, never live as if you follow a railtrack. Learn skills, find new realms, imagine better ways, emulate great examples. Life should be a verb.
(Changes to hex.53)  Mirror

  9 at 5: Big limping: partners come.
Do not fear to get stuck, it is always at such moments that someone comes to your aid because there is an opening, like a gap in the market. So let know you can use help.
When things are most awful, the biggest forces arise to conquer them. So don't fear the bad moments, you will find the strength to deal with them.
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  6 at 4:  To proceed: limping. To come: cooperation.
People do not listen to what they know, they listen to the unexpected, the creative, the new possibilities. If you try to adapt, you will end up alone, but if you are genuine, they will find you, offer their company, and enjoy together with you what you have to offer.
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  9 at 3: To proceed: limping. To come: reversing.
When your life does not feel good, then turn inward and examine your true feelings. Do you live what agrees with you? Do you have the feelings you want to have, find the meaning in life you seek? Be severe and discard everything you do not want, and go to everything you need. If you are not severe, you will waste a lot of time, maybe even a lifetime.
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  6 at 2: King's servant, limping, limping. He is not personally the cause.
Dedication does not reckon with personal talents, gain, problems or ambitions. So you have to dedicate your potential entirely to your task. It can still be very rewarding, even when it stfles you in several ways. Adapt to what you can do and find your pride in it.
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  Initial 6: Proceeding: limping. Coming: praise
When your situation feels bad or poor or restricted, then don't turn around to look at it. Go forward, with a bright and clean future before you. This is the way to be full of energy and expectations, to take away the heaviness on your legs and mind and make them swift again. Why carry a past which is not beneficial for you? Even a past which is only a minute ago can freeze everything, so look forward, towards living. If you expect life, life will come.
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