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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The image of hexagram 53
Jiàn, the big river

Trigram Wind

trigram Mountain
  Hexagram 53 has trigram Gèn, Mountain, below or inside, Xún, Wind, above or outside. Gèn is solid, doesn't do things impulsively or fast. Xún spreads the messages which it gets from below.

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  Gèn below Xún: Xún spreads messages and influences but according to those it was provided with. Gèn is solid and reliable, so the messages are solid and reliable as well. Very different from Water-messages which result in a hexagram like 59, dispersion, flood. Hex.53 is the image of strong things which take a long time to grow. Or the flight of wild geese, the strongest flyer of all birds, who can be relied on to come back year after year with their partner. It is the image of an ideal marriage.

  The old diviners named this combination of trigrams after the big river Jiàn: gradual advance or development. It is the strong mind, nothing can move it from its Dao.

  Water, whirling cartwheels and a woodcutter's axe - water flowing through a groove: a (big) watercourse. Meanings: gradually, by degrees, drop-wise, dredging, beginning, conditions, sequence, growth, right, soon, to arrive, flows, immersion, moisturizing, edification, serious (of disease). Name of the big river Jiàn which flows in a slow and steady way and never stops.

  The Image says: On the mountain is wind: Gradualness. The noble one stays in dignity and virtue and improves the customs.

  Hex.53 is the contrast of 54, where you have to gracefully adapt to what happens to you.
  Hex.53 is about the strength of mind which cannot be deviated from its right course. It moves relentlessly toward its goal, day after day, bypassing every disturbance.

  If you have no river Jiàn available, then make your own waterwheel, your own small imitation of a steady river. Make sure that your fields will not dry out. The slow and constant supply of water makes the plants, or anything you create, grow harmoniously, without stagnations, abundant.
  Starting something is usually not the most difficult part; it is harder to keep it going. Every day caring for it, feeding, repairing, giving it love: every creation has to be kept alive day after day, year after year - not letting it deteriorate into a treadmill.
  The wild goose can only reach its far-away destination, and come back every year, by beating its wings second after second, never losing its strength or direction. 

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