I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 46

Shēng, Ascend step by step

  Man wants to go one step ahead of what he is. It gives satisfaction, self-confidence, and a purpose in life. It makes life exciting and full of promises.
  Don’t do it for others eyes. That may be rewarding too, but only temporarily.
  Ascending is an act of growing. What is done by acquiring is something else, and by acquiring it is not one’s self that ascends. Acquiring cannot create stairs to Heaven, but ascending can. And the number of steps does not matter. Every step is important - especially the first one.
  Do not live past or future, but live the moment, developing itself step by step, like a plant, growing around obstacles. Its goal is not somewhere out there, but in itself, an inherent plan. It is one with what it becomes.


  SHENG: The drawing is a measure for grain of ±1 liter (Dou, the Big Dipper, is 10 sheng). The wages of officials were set at a certain number sheng of rice. The higher their rank, the more sheng they received. Therefore sheng does not only mean to climb a stairs or to go on inch by inch, but also to make promotion.
  SHENG: to mount, rise, raise, arise, to present to, advance, promote.
  Excellent article by Harmen Mesker about Sheng : Bringing an offering in a high place - to the constellation Beidou, Big Dipper, which "separates the yin from the yang and regulates the four seasons; it maintains balance between the 5 elements; it regulates the moving of the celestial objects; it determines the epoch of the calendar".

The trigrams: Wood below Earth:
Earth center gives birth to wood: ascending. The noble one, with devoted character, accumulates small things to become tall and big.


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