Hexagram 45 and 46

About uniformity and promotion.

  The ideogram of hexagram 45 is a uniform and grass. So I think an important meaning might be uniformity. With themes one can keep oversight, if doctors, nurses, patients and visitors all have their own theme, the hospital is ordered. If they all look alike, unspecified, or all different, one cannot find ones way anymore. Things, plants and animals, all show what they belong to, and thus they give structure to the world.
  People who have a common view, goal, belief or hobby can gather because they recognize each other. As a group they have powers and possibilities not granted to the loner. They often wear uniforms to increase their unity, and thus their power. People want to belong, and a common uniform is the most visible way to do so. The danger of this need is, that they also wear the uniform ideas of the group, which are not restrained by a personal conscience. They can be high and idealistic or the most dark, dangerous and demoniac mankind can devise.
  45 Refers to the gathering at the ancestral temple to worship the dead. Sacrifices nurture the dead, and the influence of the spirits nurtures the living.
 It makes spiritual coherence, because all belong to the same background.

  I gathered several words or compounds with cu (gather) or z (servant, to die), which is 'gather' without the grass radical. See the small Chinese characters in the picture above (bottom left of the picture).
  1 Mawangdui: z, sol
dier, private; pawn; servant; finally; finish; die
  2 (stone-
servant) smash to pieces
  3 (wine-
servant) drunk
  4 (disease-
servant) overworked
  5 (day-
servant) cycle; anniversary.
  6 (essence gather) cream; pick; essence.
  7 (gather obtain) [chem.] extract
  8 (assemble gather) assemble; come together (of distinguished people or exquisite objects)
  9 (collect gather) treasury; collection of the best (see 10)
  10 (rice-servant) pure, unadulterated

A coherent collection, like soldiers, peers, gems, a team, extract. All answering to the same standards. No personal ideals or status, here coherence is more important.
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  Hexagram 46 is a picture of a measure, probably used most of all for rice. Every official position was measured in sheng per month (or day or week, I don't know), higher position, more sheng. So it is about wanting to be a valued member in a group and to stand out among one's peers, but without losing the contact with the group. It is striving up, which can be positive, finding one's rightful place in the hierarchy, or negative, using elbows or worse.

Words or compounds with SHENG1
  1 Mawangdui: deng (feet-pedestal) climb, ascend; mount, publish; record, harvest, pedal, step on. It is composed of two feet and 'pot-of-beans' or 'drum', but here with the meaning 'pedestal'.
  2 (tree ascend) capital (on pillar), horizontal bar of balance.
  3 (surpass ascend) promote specially, (Budd.) ascend to the Western Paradise
  4 (initial ascend) rising (sun/etc.)
  5 (transmit ascend) rise/increase progressively
  6 (ascend level) peace
  7 (return ascend) rise again (after a fall); pick up
  8 (ascend mark) (mus.) sharp
  9 (ascend magnificent) (phy.) sublimate, raise to higher level, distillation

Climbing up, not only by going step after step, but with a goal. Or having climbed, with an accomplishment. A sacrifice to set the measures and times right sheng is important for the time ahead, not just for one single goal.
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