I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Jiā Rén, hexagram 37

Family of man

  The foundation of a family is economic. Not blood-ties, not love, not sense of duty. All these things can only come to life because there is a foundation and so the family is a family. Love is not strong enough to keep them together. But the pig they raise together, the farm they run, the skills they all bring in. When surviving is tough, families are strong. When people adhere to a conviction or master, the disciples become a strong community together. When an enemy threatens, people become fervent nationalists. Always when people need each other to survive, they become families. 


  JIA RÉN. The first character, Jia, is a pig (2) under a roof or in a house (1). There is another old version of this character though which looks like a man controlling or riding on a boar or pig (4). 
  The second character, Rén, is a person.  Jia1, OB: Hall of a temple (with ancestral altar), family, good, proper, wojia is ‘our ancestral temple’. Family, family members, -of husband, clan, (royal) house, home, family affairs, marry and found family, domesticated, capital, state, family fortune, class, school (philosophy), specialist in. Gong jia: nation. Med.: patient with chronic disease. Jia4: remove, refuse.

The trigrams: Fire below Wind:
Wind emerges from fire: family. The noble one has substance through words and perseverance through actions.
Fire is the trigram of order and clarity, Wind is the trigram of spreading words, influences, orders, knowledge, everything which can move from one to another. If all those things are clear and honest and real, others will be glad to listen, to connect with you, to be influenced. This honesty makes foundations for groups and bonds between the members.

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