I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Xián, hexagram 31

Affect and affection

  People need contact, and it is a very good and beautiful thing. Enjoy it. But .. Evaluate influences very severely, even those who seem innocent or beautiful. Remember Snowwhite's apple? She looked at the beautiful apple, instead of the person who offered it.
 Usually people do not want to hurt, they influence with the best intentions. They just don't realize how much self-interest these intentions contain. So be careful. A nice kiss can in the long term turn out to be a nasty bite. Don’t blame the one who did it, just never do anything that does not agree with yourself. The trigrams say so: inside the mountain, which is you as autonomous individual, and outside the lake, the exchange. The contact can only be real and good if your individuality is at the base of it.


XIÁN: The character represents a halberd (1) and a mouth (2), some say: no mouth but goods. I do not see a relation between smashing goods and influence. The attack with the mouth comes closer, although it is not very optimistic. Karlgren: an assembly of warriors under one command.  Together, all, unite, complete, fully, generally, everywhere, to move, to touch, dissatisfied, resent. Name of the music of certain emperors.

The trigrams: Lake above Mountain.
At the top of the mountain is a marsh: affecting. The noble one receives people by emptiness.
An assembly under one command means that everyone listens to the same voice, wants the same things, goes in the same direction. When people connect in this way, there is mutual trust and understanding. Inside they are all individuals, but to the outside there is a common social life.

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