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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The image of hexagram 31
Xián, complete

Trigram Lake

Trigram Mountain
  Hexagram 31 has trigram Gèn, Mountain, below or inside, Dui, Lake, above or outside. Gèn means the base is solid and serious. Dui is the place where creatures meet each other and interact.

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  Gèn below Duì: Gèn is a real presence with solid intentions, not one with flighty actions. Dui is a place of an abundance of creatures. The wetlands where life is easy and joyful, where you can start a family or find friends or form a group.

  The old diviners gave this combination of trigrams a name: Xián. It means to unite or to complete. Xián is also the personal name of Tang the Completer, the founder of the dynasty of Shang. The completer: the one who brought all together.

  Ideogram of the hexagram name: a halberd and a mouth. It means bringing together, which can be in big ways, like a whole country, or small, just two people. Hence in the judgment "Taking a wife" and in the image "Receiving people by emptiness". The meaning of the halberd is not really clear (yet).
  Xián: together, all, both, total, unite, case or cover, complete, fully, generally, act together, union, harmony, universal, continual, everywhere, to move, to touch, influence, transform, dissatisfied, finish, resent, salt, salty. Xián you (unite have): have under control (the 9 provinces). Xián is exchangeable with Chéng: to become, turn into, to bring to completion, succeed, name of the city which brought people and ancestors together (see story). In the Mawangdui Yi Jing this hexagram is called qīn: respect; obey with respect, imperial. When respect is missing, then the other meaning of xián emerges: wounding with the mouth.

  The 'Great Image' says: At the top of the mountain is a marsh: affecting. The noble one receives people by emptiness.

  Hex.31 is the contrast of 41, Dimishing, which is about controlling your feelings and decreasing where necessary.
  Hex.31 is about completion, uniting, harmony and influencing another to that effect.

More about hexagrams 31 and 32

   People need contact, and it is a very good and beautiful thing. Enjoy it. But ..
   Evaluate influences very severely, even those which seem innocent or beautiful. Remember Snowwhite’s apple? She looked at the beautiful apple, instead of the person who offered it.
   Usually people don't want to hurt, they influence with the best intentions. They just don't realize how much self-interest these intentions contain. So be careful. A nice kiss can in the long term turn out to be a nasty bite. Don’t blame the one who did it, just avoid anything that does not agree with yourself.
   The trigrams say so: inside the mountain, which is you as autonomous individual, outside the lake, the exchange. The contact can only be real and good if your true individuality and conscience are its base.

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