I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Qiān, hexagram 15

Give or take for balancing

  It is an art, expressing oneself and at the same time not offending the other in any way. Giving him his honor, respecting his views, giving him the room to express himself as well.
  Unity means also to stay free of black-white thinking. When something is true, it should mean it is life sustaining, but anything “true” which excludes something else being true, is a sign you are talking of very temporal, short living truths. This is not scientific? Just take a good look at science.
  Substituting ‘words’ (part 1 of the character) for ‘bird’ gives Jian1, a mythical bird with one wing and one eye. Two of them could fly: the perfect coöperation.
  Who has the gift of qiān can fly to higher places than he would ever be able to reach on his own.


QIAN: At right a hand (3) holding two (or many) stalks of grain (2) or maybe arrows, meaning ‘unite, concurrently, simultaneously', double, twice, concurrently. At left words (1): to speak in such a way that speaker and listener come together. In the WangJiaTai there is only the right part, no 'words', so maybe that is the original form. Or: gather (in hand) then conceal. With words: words of a reserved, refraining nature, that conceal one's true intent.
QIAN1: Deference, appropriate demeanor, Modest, humble, retiring, self-effacing. It is not what usually is understood as humility, the self-denial, but it is a way of acting respectful towards others. Or: words of a reserved, refraining nature, that conceal one's true intent.

The trigrams: Mountain below Earth:
Inside the earth is a mountain: team-words. The noble one reduces the many and augments the few. He evaluates things and bestows equalizing.
I hope to find a better description than "teamwords", but it is the most literal rendition of the character. Respectful words to create balance and cooperation. It includes acts as well, but in this case words are usually accompanying the actions. Many cannot understand "equalizing", they don't see the benefit to all - including themselves.

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