I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The lines of hexagram 32

  Line 2. This line might be like Zen-master Dogen's "beyong thinking". See also 40.1.
  Line 4. 'Field' or hunt. 
  Line 5. Or: 'determination about steadying one's character'. Women folk, Man and son. (B.Hatcher: woman of maturity, man in youth. Man and son is FūZi which is also Confucius)
  Line 6. continuously stimulated, Wilhelm: restlessness as enduring condition. The character is hand + thunder: shake, stimulate; vibrate; activate, relieve (famine/etc.), restore order, terrify, abandon. The meanings seem to indicate a changing situation: not good for persevering.

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