I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon



“Shen Shu”, Spirit Numbers 1-24



001 The gate of the Heavenly Palace


A list of names hangs at the palace gate
The schedule of the competing people
Neighing horses and fragrant meadows
Autumn at its height
I hear the belling of the deer

  You worked hard for it and still do. Now is the moment to prove your weight and then spread your wings. It may be your first start or it can be an expansion of what you already accomplished, but make sure you really grab this chance. It may be a long time before another comes along, if ever. Life is not generous with new opportunities.


002 Earth has spirits


The earth has spirits
Very solemn and dignified gods
They rejuvenate the country
and assist the state
They respect the ruler and protect the people

  Everything you do should honor the earth, and in return, she will offer the same courtesy to you and those around you. Undertakings in harmony with the earth last for long times, because they mimic her power to nurture, to make things grow and prosper, to heal and harmonize. But she is also ruthless when things go against her spirit.

  This verse has some connection with this story


003 The flowers of Chang'an


The flowers of Chang’an cannot be surpassed
Swift horse’s hooves in the spring breeze
Eager and early I use the whip
Suddenly adding color

  Everything accomplished started with motivation. Use it, and if you just want to have a nice time, that is fine. It has its own value. But be aware that you will have to add substance in order to really accomplish anything. The success of the superficial is like its cause: superficial and short-lived. It has to be renewed again and again.

   color or significance.


004 Autumn Chrysanthemum


Flowers in spring sweet and charming
Cannot endure being hit by rain
or ruffled by wind
Autumn chrysanthemums with their mysterious fragrance
Proudly fight and endure frost and snow

  The choice is yours: go for the joyful beauty of a moment or go for the lasting beauty of something sturdy. Both have their value. You should follow your heart because your own choices are the seat of your destiny, but it is good to have some idea where a choice will bring you. And most of all if it will bring you anywhere worthwhile, so choose wisely.


005 Dragon and tiger


Spring thunderclaps
Gentle summer wind
The crouching dragon rises
The ferocious tiger startles
Wind and clouds gather
Relieving the peasants

  Every new beginning must chase the ‘old’ which holds it back. The dry winds of the tiger are useful to shatter the autumn leaves and dry the seeds, but spring needs the rains of the dragon. When times change, you need to leave the obsolete and put all your efforts in those new opportunities. Don’t miss it by holding on to the old or by waiting too long.

  臥龍 The saying (and also the title of a movie) is “Hidden dragon crouching tiger”: unnoticed talent. Here it refers to the weather, but like in most verses, also alludes to human life. Thunder: roar of the dragon, wind: movement of the tiger.


006 The one wonderful road


Not abstruse nor mysterious
Not shallow nor deep
The one wonderful road
Take pains to search for it

  What you really want is not mysterious. Unless of course you put it deep down, hidden below duties, common sense, wishes or assumptions from others, or buried under your own fears. Dig it out and take a good look! You will never be happy if you discard your higher destiny. Finding it is a duty you have toward yourself and those around you.

   Road or dao.


007 Change with changes


Ruler be aware
Do not lapse in doubts
When the road is level
allow your horse to gallop
Always change with ease
And everything fits right

  When everything goes smooth and there are no problems, then move along with it and enjoy the ride. Make use of this space and let others join in. This is the opportunity to move ahead fast, or to enjoy the time of relaxation. You need to grab this opening, or else the opportunity is gone and life is back again to its same old pattern.

  驅馳 drive gallop: run about busily.


008 New is scary, steady is safe


The tiger loves high mountains
for his own reasons
The people are rather suspicious
The wild geese come with loud honking
and the chrysanthemums open up
At this time fame arrives at the capital

  Most people don’t examine or evaluate things themselves. They listen to what others say. So if you want to be heard, then advertise. Repeat your message often and loud, make it colorful and strong. No matter how wise or courageous or creative you are, if you don’t, you will not be heard. People are apprehensive of what they do not know.

  機 Loom; machine, chance, occasion, crucial point. To have a loom: weave your own cloth/purpose)


009 A Phoenix appears


Meeting with honored guests
and more can be expected
On the withered tree in the front hall
a Feng appears
A good handle on short matters
brings about lasting matters
Stop listening to outsiders
telling you right and wrong

  In everything all the details are linked together. And like chains are as strong as their weakest link, the same is true for an enterprise, a marriage, a body, a journey and whatever else you can think of. When the lucky omen of good connections shows up, you can be certain of a good outcome. Listen to the Phoenix in your life and your heart.


010 Good omens


Loud honking a lone wild goose
breaks away from the flock
Winging itself high
it resolves its confusion
Cloud formations come in from the north:
Good tidings and satisfying news
Clouds at dawn and rain at dusk:
Occurring on the same day it is evident

  Most omens have an origin in nature and her seasons or in life itself. Returning geese refer to loved ones or steadiness. Clouds mean a promise of rain to help the crop. Look around, maybe you did not notice the omens in your life? They can give you rest or make you happy and hopeful. They help you to do the work which makes them come true.

  Entering the cloudformations in the north - or: Cloudformations coming in from the north


011 No tracks or traces


No tracks and no traces
Far and near the seeking is equally difficult
From level earth rise wind and waves
Like laughing turning into weeping

  Denying or procrastinating for a long time makes clarity leave. After a while you cannot discern anything anymore. The facts disappear, memory is hazy, it will get more difficult the longer you postpone. One day disaster will crash down on you, and then it will turn even worse. And the cause of all of this - a first step not taken.

  Level earth raising wind and waves: an unexpected incident


012 No fish to catch


Such gloomy spirit
Such melancholy thoughts
Gather the line back in
No fish down there to catch

  When you feel gloomy or without hope, there is nothing you can accomplish. Recharge your batteries, get rest, find something harmless which lifts your spirits. Or find a remedy if you think something is seriously wrong mentally, physically or socially. For now, that is the only useful way to put in efforts.


013 Your aims achieved.


When you are proud of yourself
it is right to meet a woman
From now on the future is fated
Making yourself a name is finally promising
In a few months when the moon is full

  Having a lot of yang is not enough to make a name for yourself in this world. You also need the cooperation of your yin, or of a woman at your side. Thinking needs feeling, power needs compassion, focus needs joy, seriousness needs play. Yin is usually less visible, but don’t underestimate it!


014 A waste of time


Wind and waves build up
like in a boiling kettle
A lonely boat needs to cross the river
Clever inside but hiding a lack of skills
Human affairs turn into a waste of time

  It is not enough to know the theory, you also need the hands-on skills and experience to deal with real life. It will present you with many unexpected turns and situations. You need to learn to deal with them, but also how to stay free yourself. Until you learn, mishaps and frustrations will follow you.

  鼎沸 Boiling kettle, noisy and confused.
  風波 Wind and waves, disturbance, crisis.


015 Some color returning


You want to stay relaxed
when a letter is not yet coming
But your love who left is far away
and you pace back and forth
A message from beyond the horizon
brings news
A hint of plum blossoms
and spring scenery returns

  Both love and fear cannot be told how to behave. Mother nature has strong medicine to make things go the way she wants it. The mind can refuse to obey her, but your body and soul never got that message, they will react as nature intended them to. Try to find a solution which causes no hurt.


016 Harmony and concord


Hearts together in harmony
Matters together in expertise
Outdoors it is easy to carry things out
Everything comes together
The work gets done

  When heads and hearts and hands trust each other and collaborate, any enterprise can be tackled and completed. Same goes for your inner whole. Even your health is a matter of cooperation between all organs but also your head and heart. Families and marriages exist thanks to this unity.


017 Jade and pearls


Desires flare up and then again stop
Wavering endlessly
Hiding jade and cherishing pearls
Your heart too small to match
all your conjectures

  Both speculation and greed have their hazards, in whatever direction you go. On the stock market or with gems or gold, or maybe in the field of love. You will never be sure, never at ease, always hoping for more and afraid of less. Are you biting off more than you can chew?

  寸心千 One inch heart: feelings. Thousand miles: a long distance or a vast expanse. 寸心千里A small heart with a huge space.


018 One thought


Heart worrying
Mouth chirping
Every thought a worry
Talking stops and sometimes doesn’t stop

  Thoughts have a huge power. You should be in charge or else they will be. Try to find a calm place, for your body, your mind, your heart. Going on like this is detrimental for anything which concerns you, like health or relations. Stop doubting yourself, find a way out or try to find help.


019 Smiling from the clouds


Not far not near
Seems easy seems difficult
It is not important and the same thing
If you watch smiling from the clouds

  It is very difficult to keep some distance from yourself and your life. When you are in the middle of it, there is no overview at all. Try to look from high above, and look with a smile. So many worries will suddenly become relative. The big picture will look very different and so much more beautiful.

  等閑 Usually; thoughtlessly, casually.


020 No footing


Peach and plum trees are grateful
for a spring breeze
You fly west and back again to the east
Not interested in your family
A boat in the waves

  You flutter around from one flower to the next and forget about what matters. If you don’t pick up your life, the day will come when there is nothing left. Maybe colorful memories, but nothing substantial. Spring does not last forever, winter will eventually catch up with you.

  桃李 Peaches and plums can also mean the beauty of a woman.


021 Surmounting obstacles


A river and beyond another river
A mountain turns into another mountain
Rivers to exhaustion and mountains
to the farthest point of sight
To achieve fame and wealth
will not be difficult

  You went through huge hardships and never gave up, never let them win. You honed your will and wisdom, your vigilance and your carefulness. Nothing will be beyond your abilities now, whatever you set your mind to. Bad times are important for a better future, they teach you the necessary skills.


022 Mutual help


In matters helping each other
For half of the road
An overturn in the end can be avoided
Not the slightest wind and waves

  Help can make a big difference, but it should not take things out of your hands. So accept and appreciate help but don’t rely on it. It can certainly make the road a lot smoother, and it can make the difference between success and failure. But you are still the one responsible.

  風波 wind and waves; disturbance.


023 The moon is bright


Happy and joyous and jubilant
A spring breeze causes the peaches and plums to bud
No need for the slightest worries or concerns
The bright moon shines on people for a thousand miles

  When times are good, then enjoy them to the fullest. They will not stay that way, they never do, but that is even more reason to revel in a good time as long as it lasts. And who knows, maybe its fruits will bring you something later as well. Fruits grow and ripen when the season treats them well.


024 Restless


The mind tireless
The heart filled with worries
You want to be peaceful and content
And safe when traveling

  For many worries the solution is discipline. Not a list of to-do’s, but the unrelenting way of doing what you should do at this moment. Most are small things, with discipline they will be kept in order. They will extend to big things, and in the end you will feel safe and comfortable in whatever you do.

  出入go out and enter; traveling, inconsistency.


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