I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Trigram oracle

1 Heaven

1-1  1-2  1-3  1-4  1-5  1-6  1-7  1-8

2 Earth

2-1  2-2  2-3  2-4  2-5  2-6  2-7  2-8

3 Thunder

3-1  3-2  3-3  3-4  3-5  3-6  3-7  3-8

4 Wind

4-1  4-2  4-3  4-4  4-5  4-6  4-7  4-8

5 Water

5-1  5-2  5-3  5-4  5-5  5-6  5-7  5-8

6 Fire  

6-1  6-2  6-3  6-4  6-5  6-6  6-7  6-8

7 Mountain

7-1  7-2  7-3  7-4  7-5  7-6  7-7  7-8

8 Lake

8-1  8-2  8-3  8-4  8-5  8-6  8-7  8-8

Differences between the hexagram oracle and the trigram oracle

  The two trigrams go next to each other. First one left, second one at right. The time moves from left to right. First trigram is 'now', the second one shows the outcome, the future.
  If you want to turn the two trigrams into a hexagram, the second trigram goes BELOW the first one when you ask about your own concerns rather than about the outside world. I organized this oracle like that, because it is more 'common' and it is more my style. I ask about what I can change or improve in my life, and seldom about things outside my own mind and life. The changed (future: not changing but changed!) lines are in the second or bottom trigram, the situation now (my attitude now and my surroundings and my situation in them) is in the first or upper trigram.

  This oracle is more predictive and less advising than the Yijing, the hexagram oracle. Of course you will find a lot of advice as well, but most of all it tells you where this will go, the outcome. The future is based on your attitude and situation now, including your present needs and hopes, which you can see in the first trigram. But where will it direct you (second trigram)?

  If you want to ask about someone else or politics or whatever outside your own direct realm, then you can put the second trigram above the first. You read the lines in the upper trigram of the hexagram.

  This oracle looks like a precursor of the YiJing. I imagine King Wen sitting in prison and occupying his mind with this trigram oracle. Saving his sanity. Moving the trigrams around. Thinking about what they imply, how they are more than images of the visible world, but combine into a complex structure of the entire cosmos. Giving birth to the Zhou Yi.

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