I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Duì-Gěn, Lake-Mountain

  What are the potential and qualities of this situation? Duì. Its image is the marsh, it is the source of the flow of water and the flow of persuasive words. It is the trigram of gaining fame and fortune, but only when ambition has no hold. One needs balance between one’s own wishes and the rules of right conduct.
  Dui means 'open' or 'to open'. The words of Duì are compelling, persuasive, they open the minds of others.
  Duì is the spirit of pure autumn, which is a good time for results but not for the start of something new. Like the autumn harvest time, Dui is contained within borders, it has limits. It has variable beginnings but a definite end. If you need to finish something, then do it now.

  What is the subject, intent or hope of your question?
 Gěn or Mountain. He is high but does not boast, is strong but does not force anyone. Gen may be grumpy or a recluse but has a good heart and cares. Gěn is about individuality, staying true to yourself even when it is difficult and giving in would solve problems. Gěn stands high above the valley below and seems aloof, but the mountain shelters and feeds the valley, makes the clouds release their water and sends it down to the vegetation and all creatures at its foot.

  What do you want or need to do, or what will fate cause to happen in this situation?
  When Dui becomes Gěn, relationships with people gain trust because Gen is true to himself, without any artificial way of presenting himself. It is a prerequisite to know someone and without an understanding of the person you are dealing with, an open relationship is not possible. When Dui connects two Gen people, they form a whole. It is the basis of a life in which they support and complement each other. For a rich nature, a lone mountain is not enough, it is the mountain range, creating its own climate, that supports the diversity of life.

The initiative

Lake    Heaven
The top line (Heaven-line) shows the change of the focus or initiative.
六三变为乾, 乾为天, 名谓雨收泽竭, 天籁清虚, 人物从容, 众情多悦。
When the top line changes, Duì activates Qián. Qian is the sky, and this change describes rain gathering in a parched lake. The sounds of nature are refined and peaceful, all beings are calm and at rest, the feelings of the masses know many joys.

  Lake becomes the rain when it enters Heaven: blessings. One can gain fame and fortune, but blessings don't come free, one has to make an effort. It starts off as a satisfying creative time, but in the autumn everything depends on the work done in the spring.
  This bodes very well for inspiration and creation: acting on a hunch or vision, the decision to pursue or implement an idea or to start a business. It's also a good time to show results of what's been done so far, but no longer for work in between or for collecting resources.
  General: when a yang initiative joins the yin potential of surroundings or a time, its clear and strong ideas will stand out by their own merit. Yang can initiate the change that ensures that ideas and the work which has been done so far gain clarity and structure. This is a good time to develop visions and plans with creativity and enthusiasm. To put energy into your projects and to show them. Now you have the power to ward off evil or insecurity, a power that is part of yang.
  Yang brings inspiration and joy, but yang also means that you have to put in effort or money in what you aim for, it can drain your resources, but decisions can be made; progress or new ideas can be shown.

    The timing of this change of the initiative:
  春得熙和, 物物欣荣巧丽, 人多繁饰, 杰出群伦,自然称意。
  夏秋得此象者, 上仰青天, 雨泽不施, 水干流竭, 无丰多歉, 饥便怨望, 自多伤折。
  冬得此象, 寒凝少作, 岁内丰稔, 人亦富饶, 自然亨泰也。
  In the spring obtained this means happiness and harmony; everything thrives. The people are beautifully and exuberantly decorated. An equal group of exceptional people who spontaneously esteem each other.
  A person who gets this image in summer or autumn lifts his head to the blue sky, no rain in the swamps, the water stream in the treetrunks has dried up. There is no abundance and much regret; there is hunger causing resentment, which creates envy and certainly distress or loss of money.
  When winter takes on this image, the cold is freezing and little can be done. The year has provided a good harvest and the people have plenty, the natural world is favorable and at peace.

The subject

Lake    Water
The bottom line (Earth-line) shows the change of the field or subject.
初九变为坎, 坎为三三水, 名谓积水而成, 坎陷天泽, 交施于坎水, 川流盈溢, 所至俱宜, 物物得利。
  When the bottom line of Dui changes it activates Kan, a pit that collects water. It is called accumulated water and also achievement. Kan is a hole that catches the rainwater (also the emperor's favor) and together with the moving water of Kan the flow of rivers is abundant. The result is as it should be, everything benefits.

  When Dui changes to Kan, yang's stubbornness dissolves and its insecurity and its tendancy to depression take over. Now the benefit of Water's intuition and relentlessness becomes clear. Even in dire situations, Water never stops searching for a way out. He is an excellent fighter, fast and cunning. He needs to be free, he is the protector of all living creatures.
  General: What you ask about is yin. It aligns with the Earth-line, but the potential in these surroundings or this time is yang. You want (or will) come closer to concrete realizations, but problems also become real. All this is not really easy amidst yang. Yang can be overbearing, through influence or force, so you need to hold on to what you really want, and yet not to force anything.
  Examine when the work can proceed and when it must be held back. Who can participate in your project and who would hinder it. Your project absorbs more energy and resources, and these should be used wisely. Listen to the Earth.

    The timing of this change of the subject:
  夏得此象, 长养有功, 荣舒万汇, 人生多遇, 不苛不贪, 富则金帛盈室, 贵则宗庙之卫。
  秋得此象, 水泽交加, 禾穗双成, 人生值此, 得民之情, 庆流后裔。
  冬得此象, 水泽相交, 民物空虚, 兹非广惠。
  When spring receives this image the rain falls lavishly, everything grows abundantly; fame and wealth can be expected. This person stands out above the crowd.
  If summer gets this image it means merit through nurturing, raising. His fame reaches the whole world. He achieves much in his life, is meticulous and not greedy; his wealth fills the whole room, his prestige protects the government.
  When autumn takes on this image water and rain act together; the ears of grains grow in double quantity. This person will experience this in his life; he receives the affection of the people and can rejoice in a long line of offspring.
  When winter receives this image, water and rain mingle; the people and things are unreal. At this time one does not spread benevolence.

The Outcome

Lake    Thunder
九二变震, 震为雷, 名谓雨泽加雷, 动威致润,
启悴发枯, 六合荣和, 物皆秀丽, 森森仁恩,
天泽滂沛, 小往大来, 斯为至贵。
When the second line changes it activates Zhen. Zhen is the thunder; and this describes rain with thunder: movement that inspires awe and brings moisture.
It dispels dryness and withering. The world is happy and in harmony. All things are beautiful; charity and goodness abound like the trees of a dense forest.
The rainwater flows freely, the small goes and the big comes, thus wealth is attained.

  When Dui activates Zhen, yang's stubbornness dissolves. Thinking is not always the best way, quick or unexpected actions or turns often bring the creative discovery or solution. Without the shocks of Thunder with their germinating power, society would petrify amidst all its known and safe roads. The new and young and unexpected keep it alive.
  General: When yang meets yin, its shine will decrease, but now things will proceed in a more tangible way. Resources will be used to create concrete results. Things change from giving to absorbing, from ideas and inspiration to processing, from overviewing to being part of the work. And if there are problems, a decrease can be what you need.
  It can also mean that it is time to pass the reins to your guts and intuition instead of your head.

  The timing of this change of the outcome:
  春而得此,生荣万物; 夏而得此, 长养随宜; 秋而得此, 岁功乐成; 冬而得, 却非所宜, 雷声陷伏, 号令收藏, 安可出外, 若出谓之非时, 恐致灾皆。
  When it is spring and this is obtained, then life is glorious to all beings.
  When it is summer and this is obtained, then everything grows effortlessly as if by itself.
  When it is autumn and this is obtained, the annual harvest is a success.
  When it is winter and this is obtained, it is not the appropriate time. The sound of thunder is trapped and hidden; its orders are put on hold. How then could peace come out? If this inadequacy manifests, there will be fear and disaster.

Overview of the lines.
Activating (when the second is different) or stationary (when they are similar

  An activated Yang line is generally bright and giving.Yang is great for enthusiasm and spreading joy or success, but don’t expect solid results.
  An activated Yin line generally does the work. Yin absorbs and converts resources into tangible results. It brings peace and a sense of security.

  The initiative (top line or Heaven line) is the intention or focus. Your ideas, plans, or what you want, or something that happens and you want to influence it or use its possibilities.
   Yin: this is a good time to work on ideas. Usually, yin at the top is very positive, there is balance between yang and yin, ideas and their possibilities to become reality.
  In this answer the line is activated Yang: the initiative is clear and strong, this is a good time to develop visions and plans, pouring in creativity, efforts and enthusiasm.

  The subject (bottom line or Earth line) is the 'reality' of your question or the ‘field’ of action. A situation or person, resources, materials, facts.
  In this answer the line is activated Yin: it is too early for clear results; more work is needed. This line is the most difficult to influence, she is careful and follows her own decisions, but she is the one who turns resources into concrete results.

  The outcome (middle line or Man Line) is what you or others or fate cause to happen 'between Heaven and Earth'. It is the outcome of this question. It can be physical or mental or both. If this is a yes/no question, then yang means yes, yin means no. Both can be good or bad, depending on the question.
  In this answer the line is activated Yin: a good line if you need decrease or concreteness, but not for shining results. More work is needed, but your dedication will not be wasted.

  The three helpers
  Each line, active or at rest, summons one of the 8 trigrams as a Helper.

  For an activated line: telling you what you need - or about a problem area or something to avoid.
  For a stationary line: this is what you already have or do or what you don't need. Often we just need a reminder of our abilities. Or it could be what you wish or fear - but will not happen.
  Active lines are the helpers to change things, they listen to intentions, which can come from you, surroundings, or fate. Stationary helpers are part of the core meaning, they are your soul talking, but they also see the impossibilities. They reinforce the overall power of a reading.

  Advice or help for the initiative: Qian, Heaven, with his severe structure and his timing.
  Advice or help for the subject: Kan, Water, with his direction and focus, his courage to take risks and his talent to give things shape.
  Advice or help for the outcome: Zhen, Thunder with his energy and stimulation and quick actions.

  This oracle is NOT according to the Neigua Chuwaili, a chapter of the Heluo Lishu, which is meant to be read and used in Chinese astrology. I found beautiful texts about the trigrams in the Neigua Chuwaili and borrowed them for this trigram oracle. For those who are interested in the Heluo Lishu see the course by Harmen Mesker.
  Many translations from "Yijing astrologie" by Harmen Mesker (Dutch).
  For divining with trigrams, see the video by Tin Yat Dragon

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