I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

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Gěn-Lí, Mountain-Fire
trigram Gěn, Mountain    Fire

  What are the potential and qualities of this situation? Gěn or Mountain. He is high but does not boast, is strong but does not force anyone. Gen may be grumpy or a recluse but has a good heart and cares. Gěn is about individuality, staying true to yourself even when it is difficult and giving in would solve problems. Gěn stands high above the valley below and seems aloof, but the mountain shelters and feeds the valley, makes the clouds release their water and sends it down to the vegetation and all creatures at its foot.

  What is the subject, intent or hope of your question?
  . It is the trigram of discernment and order, of searching for truth and meaning. Lí is separating or leaving, but also clinging, holding on to things. It is what light does: discerning things, seeing their differences and similarities. Both by recognizing and acknowledging them.
  Fire can easily be extinguished, buried under earth or water. To spread light and warmth it needs to be nourished itself. Attention, inspiration, order and truth will make it shine wide and spread its warmth, like the sun emerging from the clouds.
  Moments fly past like birds. You will have to catch them right now, to enjoy something when it happens, to seize an opportunity, to realize a flash of insight.
  But reckon with its timing, don't try to push two days into the space of one or it will burn you to ashes.

  What do you want or need to do, or what will fate cause to happen in this situation?
  When Gěn changes to Lí, the sun rises over the mountains and the valleys receive its light. The darkness of night recedes, and everything becomes clear. Flowers lift their heads and spread their petals, people wake up, greet the sun and enjoy the energy and health the rays bring down. The world looks bright and new, the morning dew sparkles and the crisp air invites you to come out and start something.

The initiative

trigram Gen, Mountain    Fire
The top line (Heaven-line) shows the change of the focus or initiative.

   The top line is stationary yang. A yang initiative, entering a yang world, fits right in. Both clear and inspiring, full of plans. Even when other things change, you will remain giving, pouring ideas, efforts or money into this situation. Yang brings and spreads creativity and ideas with a good basic structure, It is the master of good timing and planning, but not of finding a final solution or concrete results.
  Stay within limits, Yang is also prone to deplete itself. It is relentless, and it can focus so intensely on mental images that they can turn into air castles or delusions. Yin is necessary for concrete results but not before the planning is right, too early can be disastrous, no matter the quality of your ideas or how determined you are.

Yang has the talent to enjoy the road
before reaching any destination.

The subject

trigram Gen, Mountain    Fire
The bottom line (Earth-line) shows the change of the field or subject.
变下为离, 日出于山巅为朝, 为旦, 主人升上三三近贵, 洞晓明彳散, 高下瞻仰, 福禄兼备。
When the lower line changes it activates Li. It is the sun rising over the mountain top; it is the morning, the dawn. This person is climbing to an influential position and has a clear insight; high and low behold him with high regard. Happiness and wealth will be his.

  When the bottom line changes from yin to yang, Gěn activates Lí, the sun rises over the mountain range and shines its light on the valley. Everything starts a new day of life, greeting the sun and soaking in the energy and health its rays bring down. The world looks bright and new, the morningdew sparkles and the crisp air invites for coming out and starting something great.
  General: The bottom line is the subject, the 'field' where you find the cause and in which you pour the resources for your initiative: space, material, problems or opportunities, helpers and other people or food for thought.
  Your subject is yang, but entering a situation of yin potential. After collecting the material for concrete results, it is now the task or time to display them and then prosperity will gather. The subject will reveal itself, shining and giving joy.
  If things don't meet expectations, this is the right time to get new inspiration. Usually, yang at the bottom is positive, there is a balance between yang and yin.

    The timing of this change of the subject:
  夏秋酷烈, 山水焦损。
  春冬融暖, 山水舒畅。
  In summer and autumn ruthless and violent, the mountain forests burn and are damaged.
  In spring and winter comfortably warm, the mountain forests are pleasant and carefree.

The outcome

trigram Gen, Mountain     Fire
The middle line (Man-line) shows the outcome.

  The middle line indicates the result. It is unchanging yin, this project will stay attractive, but also continue to absorb efforts, knowledge or resources, because its developing stage is not finished and not all possibilities have been explored. It still needs input and keeps doing so for the time being. It is too early to decide about a final direction, there will be no output yet.
  But yin is the one who can bring about concrete results. Yin stays in the background and does the work. It is nurturing, defusing crises, monitoring the process, building up and rounding out.
  This is the 'man' line, it can also be about you yourself, not only what you do.

Love for the work dissolves the effort.

Overview of the lines.
Activating (when the second is different) or stationary (when they are similar

  An activated Yang line is generally bright and giving.Yang is great for enthusiasm and spreading joy or success, but don’t expect solid results.
  An activated Yin line generally does the work. Yin absorbs and converts resources into tangible results. It brings peace and a sense of security.

  The initiative (top line or Heaven line) is the intention or focus. Your ideas, plans, or what you want, or something that happens and you want to influence it or use its possibilities.
   In this answer the line is stationary Yang: the initiative is clear and strong, this is a good time to develop visions and plans, pouring in creativity, efforts and enthusiasm.

  The subject (bottom line or Earth line) is the 'reality' of your question or the ‘field’ of action. A situation or person, resources, materials, facts.
  In this answer the line is activated Yang: the subject is clear and generous and responds to the initiative. Usually yang at the bottom is positive, there is balance between yang and yin.

  The outcome (middle line or Man Line) is what you or others or fate cause to happen 'between Heaven and Earth'. It is the outcome of this question. It can be physical or mental or both. If this is a yes/no question, then yang means yes, yin means no. Both can be good or bad, depending on the question.
   In this answer the line is stationary Yin: a good line if you need decrease or concreteness, but not for shining results. More work is needed, but your dedication will not be wasted.

  The three helpers
  Each line, active or at rest, summons one of the 8 trigrams as a Helper.

  For an activated line: telling you what you need - or about a problem area or something to avoid.
  For a stationary line: this is what you already have or do or what you don't need. Often we just need a reminder of our abilities. Or it could be what you wish or fear - but will not happen.
  Active lines are the helpers to change things, they listen to intentions, which can come from you, surroundings, or fate. Stationary helpers are part of the core meaning, they are your soul talking, but they also see the impossibilities. They reinforce the overall power of a reading.

  Advice or help for the initiative: Kun, Earth, with her ability to nurture and concretize
  Advice or help for the subject: Li, Fire, with her power to discern and create order
  Advice or help for the outcome: Xun, Wind, with her power to choose and influence, is lacking here or not needed. Yin remains Yin.
  But when things are not satisfying, it might be that one or more helpers don't help enough - or try too hard. Or maybe you don't listen carefully enough.

  This oracle is NOT according to the Neigua Chuwaili, a chapter of the Heluo Lishu, which is meant to be read and used in Chinese astrology. I found beautiful texts about the trigrams in the Neigua Chuwaili and borrowed them for this trigram oracle. For those who are interested in the Heluo Lishu see the course by Harmen Mesker.
  Many translations from "Yijing astrologie" by Harmen Mesker (Dutch).
  For divining with trigrams, see the video by Tin Yat Dragon

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