I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Guà Jìng - Yáo Ying

Hexagram Mirrors - Line Reflections
(line pathways)

The mirror of 15.1-36.1-16.6-35.6

About handling your intentions

 15.1 A very balancing noble one. Benefit of crossing the great river. Auspicious.
 Together with others you can accomplish more. Align your intentions with theirs.


 16.6 Obscure weaving of images. Accomplishments bring changes of heart. No fault.
 Follow your goal in a flexible way, listen to your intuition and the signs on your path.


 35.6 Advancing with horns is connected to attacking cities. Danger, auspicious. Without fault. Determination distress.
 When you are certain of your goal and it is big enough, then fight for it.


 36.1 Hiding brightness. At flight, drooping one's wings. A noble man on the road does not eat for three days. He proceeds probing. The host has comments.
 Sometimes it is more fruitful to hide intentions and follow them alone than to show them.

The theme of this mirror: reaching a goal begins with the right way to deal with intentions - show or hide them, fight or find your road probing.

Mirrors 15.1 and 5.6 are complementary

(all yang lines of Mirror 15.1 are yin lines in Mirror 5.6 and vv)

Mirror 15.1 is about handling intentions.
Mirror 5.6 is about accepting the guidance of life.

How I found the Mirrors and how they work

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