I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Guà Jìng - Yáo Ying

Hexagram Mirrors - Line Reflections
(line pathways)

The mirror of 11.6-26.6-12.1-25.1

About when there is room, things can come in.

 11.6 The bulwark falls back into the moat. Do not use the army. Issue orders in your own city. Determination: distress.
 When things collapse your actions have to adapt.


 12.1 Uproot thatchgrass shoots, interlaced due to its kind. Determination: auspicious. Expansion.
 When you make room, new possibilities will come in.


 25.1 Innocent proceeding. Auspicious.
 When you act within nature, nature will assist.


 26.6 How about Heaven’s highway? Expansion.
 When you act according to the laws of heaven, heaven aligns with you.

Mirror groupings 11.6 and 11.1 are contrasts

(all yang lines of Mirror 11.6 are yin lines in Mirror 11.1 and vv)

Mirror 11.6 is about how room (emptyness) makes things come in.
Mirror 11.1 is about one thing makes other(s) come along.

How I found the Mirrors and how they work

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