I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Guà Jìng - Yáo Ying

Hexagram Mirrors - Line Reflections
(line pathways)

The mirror of 03.3-04.4-63.3-64.4

About using the RIGHT means and USING the right means.

 03.3 Approaching the deer without precaution, it only enters deep into the forest. The noble one feels the signs, so stops. To proceed brings distress.
 Who charges at things without thinking will put them to flight.


 04.4 Restricting ignorance. distress.
 One teaches to make the right choices by showing all choices.


 63.3 The high ancestor subjugates the Gui region. In 3 years he conquers it. Small people are of no use.
 Success can only be reached with patience, tenacity, perseverance, purposefulness.


 64.4 Determination auspicious, regrets disappear. Zhen benefits of attacking the Gui region. Three years he gets rewards in the big state.
 When the right circumstances present themselves, then make use of them.

The theme of this mirror: using the RIGHT means and USING the right means

Mirrors 03.3 and 49.4 are complementary

(all yang lines of Mirror 03.3 are yin lines in Mirror 49.4 and vv)

Mirror 03.3 is about going for the best.
Mirror 49.4 is about not assuming all is OK.

How I found the Mirrors and how they work

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