I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Lines, chakras, aura.

 1 Muladhara (root) chakra, RED, earth, physical. Life-energy, trust and security, instincts, survival. Grounding, independence. negative: lack of those, attachment to material things.

1. Reality, action, matter. Tangible things, the way one stands on the earth.

1 EARTH-earth: pure earth. Reality and instinct.

 Line 1: Action, impulses, start or experience something.  YANG: Act only when it is the time for action.  (Changes to 44.1: control your impulses, don't let them control you)
YIN: Pay attention to the first tiny signs, they show the big things that will happen.  (Changes to 24.1: don't leave yourself, return on time)
1. is not active within the time, beginning, not yet entered field of activity. It is the senior serviceman (administrator in service, lowest rank). It is the foot, big toe, animal's tail. It is instinct and emotion. It is birth and infancy.

 2 Svadhisthana (sweetness) chakra, ORANGE, water, emotional. Unconditional, experiencing, connection with others and ancestors. Other translation of the name: seat of life force, seat of self. negative: control

2. Reactions, 'walking in the world', connections with other beings, joy of living. The chakra of the first encounter with the other.

LISTENING, seeing, hearing, confrontation and merging. Creation of relation, a way to be together, each in his/her own value.

2 EARTH man: human earth, human reality, 'instinct' (reactionary). Man follows the laws of earth (the trigram line is stronger than the hex-line)

 Line 2: Relations, contact with the world, maintaining oneself in contacts, seek or avoid contact.  YANG: Everything you show must be the truth. Truth is light-giving.  (Changes to 13.2: free from assumptions and prejudices) YIN: Act from out your being, not from skill or knowledge.  (Changes to 7.2: live in the center of what you do)
Line 2: legs. Drive and energy to move, to build and defend your life, connect to the world, walking in the world. It is the official in the country, son, woman. It is the senior official (Dafu) the highest noble of the court. It is the calves and ankles. It is rational selfinterest. It is childhood.

 3 Manipura (holy town) chakra, YELLOW, fire, plexus solaris. Relaxed, clear mind 3. Inner power, emotions and evaluation, inner direction.

3 MAN heaven: spirit of man. Spirit is not only what we today call spirit, but all intangible things, in contrast to the matter of earth. Courage, rage, aggression, autonomy.

 Line 3: Emotions, attitude, how one colors oneself, others or the world. 
YANG: Actions and emotions should be in tune with the universe.  (Changes to 10.3: and in tune with your abilities) YIN: Do what is necessary, and never for the honor.  (Changes to 15.3: the deed itself is the accomplishment)
Line 3: belly, thigh, sex, stomach, heart. Emotions, influences, empathy, evaluation. 3 is transitional. It is the three nobles (3 Gong) (ministers assisting the sovereign). It is the thigh, waist or groin It is ambition, striving, and individual endeavor. It is adolescence and transition to adulthood.

 4 Anahata (unbeaten - not created) chakra, GREEN, air, relations, love, balance. Seeing and accepting how things (or others, self) are, purity, altruism, acceptance of paradox. neg: not being able to, not seeing, being hurt. (about unconditional love, unconditional giving, acceptance, relations, closeness) 4. Decisions, finding the road, choices.

4 MAN earth: reality of man. In 2 earth was strong, here man is strong, imposes his will on his surroundings, chooses, decides.

 Line 4: Choice and decision - being versus choosing - bonds and disengagement.  YANG: There are no fixed rules for good or bad, your own intuition says what is good.  (Changes to 9.5: being true brings the only solution)
YIN: Do not choose, it means to discard half of the world.  (Changes to 16.2: openness for influences makes everything possible) Line 4: spine, shoulders, arms, hands. Motivation, choices, decisions. 4. is the minister, wife. It is the feudal dukes or princes (all feudal princes, those who stood a step lower than the Emperor). It is the back or torso. It is social consciousness and altruism. It is middle age, career, and creation of a family.

 5 Visshudda (purification) chakra, BLUE, senses. Quality of communication connection with fate. (about communication, expression, unconditional acceptance, believing intuition) 5. Organizing, leading, ideals, giving structure to things.

5 HEAVEN man: human side of spirit.

 Line 5: Spiritual exchange, leading, mental growth, society. YANG: Put yourself true and complete in everything you do.  (Changes to 14.5: your answer to every moment will be the right one)
YIN: A true leader leads without leading. His virtue makes him to an example.  (Changes to 8.5: a leader who inspires with his ethics needs no coercion) Line 5: upper back, neck, lungs, face, eyes, ears, mouth. Organize, lead. It is the ruler, husband. It is the Son of Heaven (emperor). It is authority and rulership. It. is the head or back of the neck, nose, mouth. It. is maturity and culmination

 6 Ajna (perceive) chakra, INDIGO, 3d eye, inner sound Negative: narrow mindedness, confusion. 6. Spirit. Religion, dao, introspection, intuitive perception. B: Chakra 6 moves past the footprints, moves past the perception of God. It is realizing that "the father and I are one". The observer and the observed are one. The dreamer and the surprise in the dream are one. It is where divine love lives. It is where chakra 2 is elevated to the spiritual, the erotic and the sublime.

6 HEAVEN heaven: pure spirit.

 Line 6: Unworldly things, universal values and laws, religion, mysticism, revelation, everything that surpasses tangible life.  YANG: Humble obedience to universal values and laws. Trusting heaven. (Changes to 43.6: what cannot be told openly is not universal truth)
YIN: Every doubt kills life. Life is a one and only way, trust it! (Changes to 23.6: looking back in regret prevents what is ahead)
Line 6: brains and beyond (heaven). Living with and in heaven (spirit). It is not active within the time, end, already withdrawn from the affairs of the time. It is the royal ancestral temple (ancestors of the emperor). It is the top of the head, ears, horns of animal. It is wisdom and egoless contemplation. It is old age and death.

 (7) Sahasrara (thousandfold) chakra, VIOLET, inner light, nerves, brain. B: Chakra 7 is beyond duality, beyond words. Universal connectedness, cosmic consciousness.

(In Tibet chakra's 6 and 7 are one, or combined.)

 In 1 and 2 all lines changing
01.all A flight of dragons appears without a head. Auspicious.  Real creativity surpasses everything human. Only if not one human thought or wish does exist, creation is possible. Only pure energy and the absolute moment can incite matter. 
02.all Harvest: everlasting determination. Earth is the field that supports and brings to life everything, all beings. She has no action at all of her own, and that frees the way for creation and energy. When everything is receptivity, nothing stands between man and universe or man and god. If man can merge with a thought, an action, an ideal, then nothing can stop him.

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