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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

When Trigram Water changes into Wind

Water  ->  Wind  =  48 line 3

Yin -> yang
yang-> yang
yin-> yin

  Hexagrams are stacked trigrams. We all know, but many don’t think they are originally made like that.
  Every line from the first becomes the same line in the second. And then you put them on top of each other, the second trigram below the first.
  In a trigram change, the second trigram goes after or below the first, especially if you write them like they did in China, after each other on narrow bamboo slips.
  Some lines are different, the first activates the second, other lines are unchanging.
  The first (upper) trigram is "Hui": regret, but also 'consulting'. It is the situation and why you ask about it.
  The second (inner, lower) trigram is what you hope for the future, this is your intention (spirits!) which makes things change. It is called ‘zhen’, oracle-answer (in Wilhelm ‘perseverance’)
  Water -> Wind is hexagram 48. The hexagram is the story: the bottom line (the muddy well) relates to line 4, masonry lined. The second line (a gully), relates to line 5, a clear spring. But in both there is no change.
  In this hexagram the 3d line (an unused well but a bright king) and the top line, a well that gathers water for everyone, are not only related but activated, yang-yin. Line 3 of Wind activates the yin of Water's topline to do the work. It brings bright emitting yang: the well is gathering.
One of Water's attributes is labor.

  The great image says: Above wood there is water, a well. The noble one encourages the toiling people to stand by each other.

I don’t know yet if the line-relations are as clearly visible in all hexagrams, but this one is a beauty. What I already noticed, is that lines 1-4, 2-5 and 3-6 are each two sides of one meaning, but the ‘bright’ king (yin changing to yang) made it very bright.

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