I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hex.40-27, smiling

April 10, 2020


  Jiě, name of hexagram 40, Release.

A week ago I was depressed. Not severely, just a few days. After a lot of stress, when everything is solved and fine again, your mind still has to process a lot, and it rollercoasters up and down, from relief to sadness and back again. I asked Yi for advice. I got 40 lines 5 and 6 - 27.

  Yí , name of hexagram 27, Jaws.

I started to ponder about those lines. But then I looked at 27, and there in my website I had put a small note about a word with yi, jaws, in it: jieyi.
Smiling. That is what jieyi means. But I was smiling as well.

  JiěYí, released jaws: to laugh, smile.

No need to look any further. The spell of the depression was broken, and in the days after that, I have been working hard on the Yi-website, with a lot of joy. And in the garden, also with a lot of joy. And in general been living with a lot of joy.
One word can change a lot.


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