I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Trigram xxxA

  Xxx's meaning in a reading has to do with

  The outer trigram tells you about the other, or the situation around the querent, the world, the goal.
  The inner trigram represents you, the querent, or 'here' or 'now' or the person or situation the question applies to.
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  With Qián, Heaven, below: hex.34
  The 'Great Image' says: Thunder up in Heaven: great vigor. The noble one will not tread a path without propriety.


  With Kūn, Earth, below: hex.16
  The 'Great Image' says: Thunder emerges from the Earth, flying over the fields: YU. The ancient kings composed music, honored virtue, with dancers worshipped the Lord on High. They associated with the deceased ancestors. 


  With Zhèn, Shock, below: hex.51
  The 'Great Image' says: Repeated thunder: shocks. The noble one through anxiousness and fear sets in order and examines.


  With Xún, Wind, below: hex.32
  The 'Great Image' says: Thunder and wind: Steadiness (Mt. Heng)
The noble one stands and does not change his bearings.


  With Kăn, Water, below: hex.40
  The 'Great Image' says: Thunder and rain at work: release. The noble one pardons transgressions and is lenient towards crimes.


  With Lí, Fire, below: hex.55
  The 'Great Image' says: Thunder and lightning arrive together: abundance. The noble one decides lawsuits and carries out punishments.


  With Gèn Mountain, below: hex.62
  The 'Great Image' says: Above mountain is thunder, small exceeding. The noble one exceeds in respect in actions, exceeds in sorrow at funerals, exceeds in thrift at spending.


  With Duì, Marsh, below: hex.54
  The 'Great Image' says: Thunder over the lake, a maiden marries. The noble one, through the eternity of the end, understands the transitory.


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