I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram and line reflections

A way to find their meanings

 The hexagrams in a pair are the upside-down of each other, like eg 43 and 44 (see image above). For hex.1 and 2 this is the same, even though it is less visible. Hex.1 is the upside down of hex.1, and hex.2 the upside-down of hex.2. So hex.1 and 2 are not one, but two pairs.
 The two hexgrams are each others 'Qian gua': reflected hexagram, like in water.

 The consequence of 'upside down' is, that lines 1 and 6 in a pair must have some kind of related meaning. In hex.1/1 the dragon hides until it is time to come out. In hex.1/6 the dragon refuses to pull back. In 1/2 the dragon comes out down below, in 1/5 it flies high up. In 1.3 the Junzi (who acts like the dragon) acts according to the moment, in 1.4 he dares to deal with the unknown.

 Then there is the 'relating line', called the fanyao. Hex.1.1 changes into hex.44/1. There are two fanyao and two qianyao in the image above.

 There is also another connection: with (the lines in) the complementary hexagram. This is a very different relation: they are each others opposite, or rather each others contrast.
 Hex.1/1 the dragon abiding its time vv hex.2/1 the warning that time will not wait for you. Hex.1/2 the dragon appearing and learning vv hex.2/2, nature which is what it is, does not come forth but 'does without doing', and has no need to learn anything.


 44.1 Attached to a metal chock. Determination auspicious. To proceed probing sees a pitfall. An entangled pig will surely limp.
 1.1: Submerged dragon. No employ.
 24.1 Not from far recovering. Without reverence or regret. Very auspicious.
 2.1: Treading on hoarfrost, hard ice is arriving.

 Mirror grouping 01.1-01.6-43.6-44.1 (above): observing the laws of your actions
 Mirror grouping of 02.1-2.6-23.6-24.1 (below) Using the right base for motivations

The meaning of the line-places 1 and 6

 43.6 Without crying out. In the end there is a pitfall.
 1.6: Overbearing dragon. There is regret.
 23.6 The big fruit is not eaten. The noble one acquires a sedan chair, the small man strips the hut.
 2.6: Dragons struggle in the wild. Their blood is black and yellow.


 13.2 Union of people at the ancestral temple. Distress.
 1.2: The dragon appears in the field. Fruitful to see great people.
 7.2 To live in the center of the legion. Auspicious. Without fault. The king confers three commands.
 2.2: Straight, square, great. Without skills there is nothing that does not bear fruit.

 Mirror grouping 01.2-01.5-13.2-14.5 (above): Observing the codes in relations
 Mirror grouping 02.2-2.5-07.2-08.5 (below): Doing without doing - respect in relations

The meaning of the line-places 2 and 5

 14.5 His truth is then associating, then awesome (impressive). Auspicious.
 1.5: Flying dragon in heaven. Fruitful to see a great man.
 8.5 Manifestation of standing by. The king uses three beaters and lets go the game ahead. No warning of the people of the county, auspicious.
 2.5: Yellow skirt. Eminent auspiciousness.


 10.3 Squinting, able to observe. Limping, able to walk. Tailing the tiger, he bites man, pitfall. A soldier acting like a great chief.
 1.3: The noble one is the whole day creative creative. In the evening he is alert like in danger. Without fault.
 15.3 Accomplishing balancing. A noble one brings to completion. Auspicious
 2.3: Harboring qualities permits determination. If one follows king's affairs, without achieving, he completes.

 Mirror grouping 01.3-01.4-09.4-10.3 (above): Being master of emotions and decisions
 Mirror grouping 02.3-15.3-02.4-16.4 (below): Being (true to) oneself in emotions and decisions

The meaning of the line-places 3 and 4

 9.4 Having truth, blood goes away, fear goes out. Without fault.
 1.4: Somehow dancing in the abyss. Without fault.
 16.4 Letting the weaving of images sprout. There is great achievement. Do not doubt. Partners are united like a hair clasp does.
 2.4: Enclosed in a bag. Without fault, without praise.


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