I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Yingyao, line correspondence

earth, man and heaven

(trigram and hexagram, places earth-earth, earth-man, heaven-man, heaven-heaven)

  A hexagram is built up with 6 lines, each with a reason for being in this particular spot. The bottom line is very different from line 5, or any other line.

  But since a hexagram also consists of two trigrams, the bottom lines of those two trigrams have something in common. Same goes for the middle and the top lines.

Line 1 and 4 have 'something' in common.
Lines 2 and 5
Lines 3 and 6.

  Since hexagrams 1 and 2 are very essential - not so much descriptions of a particular situation but rather of the yang and yin of any situation - their lines give a quite clear image of the meanings of the line-places.

  Hexagrams and trigrams are both built up from bottom to top, from earth through man to heaven.

  Hexagrams bottom-bottom-man-man-heaven-heaven. Trigrams earth-man-heaven.

Yingyao, 應爻

At left one hexagram, at right two trigrams.
The hexagram is more specific,
the trigram more universal.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganying 感應


Earth: line 1, earth and man: lines 2 and 4

  Earth rules over the body and tangible reality, instinct and imprinting at a young age, impulsive (re)actions, innate fears and 'knowledge' of natural rules and laws, intuition.
  Line 1: pure earth, tangible.
  In the trigram the qualities are more universal. Line 2 is 'man (human) on earth', line 4 is 'earth in man (person)'.
  Line 2 is about human relations with your surroundings, people or things or other creatures, especially through your senses.
  Line 4 is about using your instincts, intuition and knowledge of facts 'as a human': with common sense, intelligence and discernment.

Heaven: line 6, heaven and man: lines 3 and 5

  Heaven is intangible, mind, time, spiritual values, visions.
  Line 6: pure heaven, intangible.

  Line 3 is 'heaven in man': everything which is intangible and yet often visible. Thoughts, memories, emotions and obsessions.

  Line 5 is 'man in heaven': the bird's eye view, the ability to look farther than one's own life and direct surroundings, to see the ways and needs of others, of the community, or to see the big picture of a combination of many small facts.

  Ying, resonance, between 1-4, 2-5, 3-6. Bradford Vol.2/28





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