I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 64

Wèi Jì, not yet across

  The destination, the bank on the other side you think you have to reach, is not always what this is about. Maybe it is the road itself, the journey. The destination is just the compass, the direction. You need some ideal or star so you will not fall into the water of indecision. Keep going.

Who knows in what wonderful place you might end up, if you let your heart, or the little miracles, or the love you encounter, or whatever else you meet on that journey, decide about the next turn on your road? Don’t let rigid decisions nor slackness direct your life, but embrace magic, play or even silliness, love and chance, the unexpected and the improbable. Who knows...


  WÈI: a picture of a luxuriant tree. Its original meaning was 'abundant', and it is also the 8th Earthly Branch (late summer, animal is sheep). Nowadays its meaning is 'not yet' and my opinion is, that it indicated the time of year when everything was at its maximum development, but fruit were not yet ripe.
  JÌ: water or a river (2) and a field of grain, all being alike (3 and 3a), meaning uniform, equal, of equal length. Meanings: a ford, to ford, to cross a stream; to relieve, to aid; to succeed, to be up to standard; to benefit, benefits.  Pronounced JI3 it means: various, numerous, elegant and dignified. At right (4) a very old form of ji.

The trigrams: Fire above Water:
Fire above water: not yet across. The noble one is cautious when differentiating things so that each finds its place.
Water has memory, but it has no form itself, it is the medium in which things get a form - and trigram fire makes those forms solid. Water bounces against the limitations of earth, and in its swirls and spirals forms of life emerge. Molecules get ordered and connected. Water will always stay their main food and substance.
When things are still unformed, it is possible to influence their shape in a positive way by giving them the right environment and situation.

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