I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 62

Xiăo Guò, the Small Pass

  The things you do are usually irreversible. So be careful. Especially in small matters, because in big things one is more aware of the risks and effects.
  Death is definitive, and also all the feelings involved, so give extra attention to the things that happen, and the feelings of everyone. The same with spending money, so be thrifty and careful. The impression one makes on others is also irreversible, so pay attention to behavior and aura.
  When misfortune hits, then meet it with respect.


  XIĂO GUÒ: The first character, xiăo: grains of rice or sand - small. The second, guò, is a pass in a mountain, also meaning the completion of an action. Nr.3 the steps and the foot, together the crossing. 4 is a skeleton, maybe the cut in the mountain-ridge. 6 is another old way to write the character (looks like the zigzag route up the mountain).
  GUÒ: to pass, to pass by, cross over, sign of past or perfect tense, beyond the ordinary or proper limit, transgress, excess, fault, to blame.

The trigrams: Thunder above Mountain:
Above mountain is thunder, small exceeding. The noble one exceeds in respect in actions, exceeds in sorrow at funerals, exceeds in thrift at spending.
Crossing a mountainpass is very dangerous, even now with modern material. The weather can be treacherous, and being caught in a snowstorm - or any storm - means death. A distant thunder rolling through the mountains is a warning voice, commanding respect.
Every situation should be met with care and precautions, with balanced reactions to the unforeseen, free from impulsive actions or panic.

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