I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 61

Zhōng Fú, Inner sincerity

  Hex. 61 is about being and showing your true colors. Not about some ideal truth deep inside. Do not believe what someone says he/she is, or thinks he is. But when he is in real danger, then one can see his real nature. Truth shows most of all when all human things are gone, on the edge of life. Or in smaller ways: a little greed can be enough to make someone show what he/she is really made of.
  And when someone has absolute power, he also shows himself. There will be no punishment, so he lets go all restrictions. Few are those who still have ethics when they are mighty.
  When you meet someone who stays honorable in such circumstances, you know this is a person who can be trusted. You can build on the true kernel.


  ZHONG FU: The first character, zhong, is a flag in the middle of a target or something similar: central, middle, halfway. There is a very different other possibility though. In her book "China, empire of living symbols", Cecilia Lindqvist has pictures of drums with a pole through the middle (pages 319-310), at the top with ornaments and at the bottom four feet to keep it upright (in picture above: 4). On page 324 the character zhong - a picture of a hand drum. It was used at festivities or by tradesmen, but especially in battles. Everyone focused on the sound and movements of the drum in their center, which told them to advance or retreat. It became the symbol for the state, the "middle kingdom".

  The second character, fu, consists of hands (3) grasping a child or small person (2). In some characters the child is on a road (5). Maybe a bird's claw above its young, one meaning is hatching, but a more common meaning is loot, the things (or boys) armies grasp. Nowadays for loot the radical 'man' or 'road' is added, but in old characters they had these meanings without the specifying radical.
  FU: to hatch, loan for confidence, sincere, verification. Some characters which have fu + a radical have army-related meanings: drumstick, starve. But when someone "has fu" he has the quality to inspire trust and confidence. Inner truth: an inner quality which inspires. See Harmen's article about Fu
  Read here about you fu - have truth.

  The trigrams: Wind above Lake:
  Winds over the Lake: inner sincerity. The noble one discusses criminal cases in order to delay executions.
  Inner truth is something you feel. You cannot judge it intellectually or describe it rationally. Putting it into words is difficult, but in every situation you can feel it. Your heart tells you.

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