I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 59

Huàn, the Flood

  A flood destroys all the old structures, paving the way for a new, fresh and as yet clean life, open for new possibilities.
  For a life with an open gateway to the cosmos, man’s mind needs deluges. Dissolving all the rigid structures, like opinions, prejudices, ties, obligations. They all give a feeling of security, but they restrict, narrow down, reduce, and take away the essential deep security of universal openness.
  Having to save one’s life puts many other things back in the place where they belong, often even completely out of sight.


HUÀN: At the left side of the character water or a river, at the right side a character meaning lively, excellent, gay, beautiful. It is a drawing of a man (1), at the entrance of a cave (2), looking sharp around (3: a big eye) with a stick in his hand. The old form is the smaller character above (1). The way this right side was written later, like in the character at the top, means looking sharp at something while passing it from hand to hand (like in a market). 
HUÀN: disperse, expand, scatter, ample.

The trigrams: Wind above Water:
Winds blowing over the waters: flood. The ancient kings presented offerings to the Lord and established temples.
When structures dissolve, there is still the inner structure, the connection with values beyond daily life. The kings were the intermediate between people and gods, they kept the connection strong and served gods and people.
For solving problems, to seek a solution is usually not the best option. Dissolution works better, because dissolution makes the voices of the gods appear.

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