I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 58

Duì, Opening

  Every parent waits for the first smile of the baby. It is the first visible contact. Exchange among people is a matter of vibrations, it is active and emanating from a person.
  Being open, toward the inside and toward others, one disperses life-giving vibrations around oneself. Like the earth makes spherics, the vibrations of the planet, an absolute necessity for life.
  Who is caught in forms or activities cannot send these vibrations out, but who is open to all the life that comes toward him, can pass them on to all creatures. People think auras are something weird, but they do not realize how many colors they emanate themselves, from wisdom to anger, and from disgust to love.


DUI: The character represents a man (3) and a mouth or his face: facing up or forward (2), and to split or divide (1). In early texts it is a description of a certain kind of attack: a salient. A swift pointed thrust into the main line of enemy warriors that splits it. See Harmen about 58
DUI: explain, open up (- a passage), loosen, to exchange, to barter, glad, joy, give joy, weaken (wine) by adding water, to weigh, straight, to permeate. 

The trigrams: Lake above Lake:
Interdependent lakes: exchange The noble one comes together with friends for discussion and rehearsing.

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