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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The image of hexagram 58
Duì, interaction


  Hexagram 58 has trigram Duì, Lake, below or inside, Duì above or outside. Duì means to open, which is the base of interaction, and why marsh is its image, or lake, which reflects.

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  Duì below Duì: an inner wish for openness, a desire to share, together with the ability to express oneself toward others. One needs both trust and awareness, because it is not always easy to recognize honesty or deceit. One needs knowledge of human nature, so one can say or show what the other needs or can handle. Sometimes boldness is best, but another time or person can ask for careful treading. It can span emotions from deep seriousness to exuberant pleasure or silly banter. For experiencing a good exchange with others one needs intelligence and strategy, empathy and self containment and much more. Don't underestimate Duì. It is an art to be open or closed, both at the right moment. Not letting others intrude on you, but making use of reactions and reflections to shape your mind and social life.
Dui not only opens towards minds, but also towards heaven or earth. The shaman who sees what nobody else sees, the healer who finds the remedy nobody else can find.

  The old diviners gave this combination of trigrams a name: Duì. It means to open, to express, to share one's mind or mood with others, or to make access to a terrain, to investigate. Sharp or fast (attack), to force an opening.

  Ideogram of the hexagram name: a person with a turned up mouth ('older brother'), and above it the sign for 'divide' or to split, to open. Expression, what comes out of the mouth. 說 (with words): expression in words, 悅 (with heart): expression of the heart. Meanings: joy, cheerful talk, share, to loosen, to open, passage, build a road, a sorceress, free, responsive, convert, exchange, to barter, deliver, add (water etc.), the artisans who made daggers in ancient times. It is also the name of a strategy of attack by forming an arrowhead of fighters who cut into the frontline of the enemy.
  In the MaWangDui YiJing 58's name is Duo, letting escape a bird out of the hand. Lose, but also take away, rob.

  The 'Great Image' says: Interdependent lakes: interaction. The noble one comes together with friends for discussion and rehearsing.

  Hex.58 is the contrast of 52, which is about warding off, individuality.
  Hex.58 is opening oneself to others, to connect and share and exchange.

  Every parent waits for the first smile of the baby. It is the first visible contact. Exchange among people is a matter of vibrations, it is active and emanating from a person.
    Being open, toward the inside and toward others, one disperses life-giving vibrations around oneself. Like the earth makes spherics, the vibrations of the planet, an absolute necessity for life.
    Who is caught in forms or activities cannot send these vibrations out, but who is open to all the life that comes toward him, can pass them on to all creatures. People think auras are something weird, but they do not realize how many colors they emanate themselves, from wisdom to anger, and from disgust to love.

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