I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 57

Xún, the Seal

風物 Fengwu, “wind thing”, is the scenery typical of a place; the atmosphere, the law (core, secret) of things.

  The blueprint or the seal that one carries, decides all what one is or does. It penetrates every action like wind or roots can enter anything. It has no name, often its existence is not even known, but it is always there and directs everything one does or thinks. It decides the way one listens or looks to the world.
  The emperor bestowed a seal to those who were able to carry out his ideas, and whom he trusted. The seals one carries inside come from Gods or devils, from parents or heredity, from muses or experiences with nature. Some seals can destroy a life, other seals can influence the world.


  Xùn: The character represents a stand (3), with seals on it (1), and a pair of hands (2). The hands are a later addition.  XUN4: humble, yield, mild, submissive, insinuating, resign (like - throne).  More about hex.57 and 58, and lines 2 and 6 of 57. 

  The trigrams: Wind doubled:
  Following winds: seal-assignment. The noble one conveys mandates and accomplishes affairs.
  Wind is not a one-moment thing, it blows from far away and blows on to other places. Your decisions now will not be for (or from) one moment either. Wind has to blow in a steady direction in order to accomplish anything apart from dust devils and the like. Who has a solid inner core, can influence others in many ways.
  Wind itself is invisible, which makes it difficult to ward off influences. It can be as if a spell has been cast.

More about hex.57 and 58

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